Title: "Literacy"
Fandom: YuYuHakusho
Notes: I have no idea.
Count: 217 words

Kuwabara read auras, but Yuusuke was learning to read Kuwabara.

To anyone else, it might have looked like Kuwabara was always trying to pick a fight or invading personal space. To Yuusuke, however, there was a world of subtlety between a swat to the back of the head or a casual arm slung over his shoulder. He'd gotten good at telling the difference between action and intent. A slug to the head from the side might mean "I'm worried" while a rough hug might mean "I'm pissed."

Yuusuke was persistent. A slight smile might mean anger and a sharp grin might mean relief. Emotion leant Kuwabara's body language an untold number of dialects, each distinct from the next. An eyebrow quirked in disbelief with a jagged scowl and tense shoulders. A lopsided smile and broad hands held palm up. Lips curled in distaste and a finger jabbing roughly forward. Yuusuke was learning how to read them all.

One day Kuwabara looked at him with a lopsided smile and soft eyes and hands jammed in his pockets. Yuusuke was trying translate that when that lopsided smile meet his own speculating frown and one of those strong hands cupped his cheek. It never occurred to Yuusuke that in trying to read Kuwabara, maybe Kuwabara was trying to read him.


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