Okay, so FC has time and computer access in tandem for the first time in... a very long time. So I'm open for short fic requests! Everything at least 100 words, hoping to hit at least 500 with each.

Outlaw Star
Yu-gi-oh! (Duel Monsters only, as I've yet to see GX or 5D's)
Danny Phantom
Bleach (Up to the Bount Arc in the anime or volume 22 of the manga)
One Piece

Just gimme a fandom, a title, and pairing(s)/characters!
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( Jul. 20th, 2007 11:17 am)
Woohoo! Fic dump, baby! I was going through my pages, trying to find what drabble request I had left so I could clean up the little ones and be 100% caught up with my shit. XD Got two of them from the last drabblefest thinger.

Requested by: Sair
Fandom: Danny Phantom
Character: Dani/Elliot
Genre: Romance
Theme: Fake

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Requested by: Sora
Fandom: YGO
Characters: Seto, Yami, Joey, anyone else you choose
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Silly Putty

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( Jun. 3rd, 2005 12:42 am)
My lizard died today. Or yesterday, I'm not certain. I guess feeding pill bugs to a green anole isn't the best course of action.

Random old fic posted just because. Needs work. Gawd, but Kaiba is annoying.

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Look ma, full sentences!

Also discovering yet another disadvantage to living in a basement. Someone living upstairs. >_> There's shit going on in my parents' room I don't want to know anything about. Hnf. Panic attack my ass.
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( May. 17th, 2005 12:51 am)
Random fic meme drabble thingy. Whatever. For the nice people who actually read my random whining angst. 'Tis simple. Pick one option from each list of choices and I'll write a 100 to 500 word ficlet for ya. Mkae sure to give it a title. Example: Outlaw Star, shipping (Gene/Jim), triumph, "Memory's Echoes."

Outlaw Star
Invader Zim
Petshop of Horrors

shipping (specify pairing; no guarantees outside of ygo)

(insert your own here)
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( Oct. 26th, 2004 02:29 am)
Because I want to.



In some ways, a rival can be more dependable than your best friend. A best friend can wound you with a single careless word. The worst a rival can do is piss you off. But you've been there before, haven't you? A best friend can be unpredictable, sullen one day, sunny the next. A rival will always be annoying. Always, no exceptions. A best friend will never conveniently state if they need a push or a helping hand. A rival demands the push. Easy.

But you're still confused, aren't you?

What do you do when you aren't sure which is which anymore?

Neither one of them want you to win the affections of the lovely young lady, but neither one of them would turn you away if truly needed their help. Neither of them know where you live, but both of them know your locker combination. A single word of kindness from either can warm you all day, and a single word of cruelty is as hard to forgive from one as it is the other.

Let's forget the best friend for a moment.

Now. What about your rival?

He isn't quite so much your rival anymore. He's seen more often than the best friend, anyway. You eat lunch with him, swap the occasional textbook and bad joke. Sometimes... sometimes its easy to forget that you're both supposed to be chasing after the same girl.

The same girl who still thinks of you as one of her brother's friends. Not even his best friend. Just... one of the guys. But hey, at least she thinks the same of your rival, right?

So you and your rival are chasing a girl that barely knows you exist. That must be nice. Something a bit funny though. Have you noticed? You keep fighting to keep your rival from the girl. But who are you protecting? Certainly not the girl's precious honor. She has her brother for that.

Keeping her from him. Keeping him from her. Such a subtle little distinction there. Which would hurt the most? The girl picking your rival over you? Or your rival picking the girl over you? Oh yes. That would hurt even worse than the best friend abandoning you for the boy pharaoh.

Who belongs to you? The best friend? Your rival? Friendship can be so passive. It's like exercise. So hard to do at first, but after while, it's just a matter of habit. Rivalry though, that takes effort. That old spark has to be maintained or it will fall into apathy.

So that's where you're at now. Habit and apathy. But it isn't quite apathy, is it? Most people wouldn't let the supposed target of their affections wander off while they were busy arguing with their rival. Most people wouldn't drink in as many details as possible before shoving him away. Most people would at least say hello to the girl first.

Maybe it isn't about the best friend and your rival after all. The best friend doesn't even seem to be in the picture now. Just you and this strange person who's somehow managed to take the best friend's place and still be your rival at the same time.

Well. Look at that. The best friend. The girl. Your rival. Now which one does it seem you're possessive of? The best friend has run off with the boy pharaoh. The girl still has a while before she realizes there's a choice she can make.

Don't worry so much, Honda. You've still got Otogi.
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( Oct. 9th, 2004 12:39 am)
Birthday giftfic for Ryuuj. Already received, but posted here 'cause I wanna.

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Plot bunny up for adoption. I haven't done anything with it for months now and not likely to do anything with it ever. Have at. Warning, it's a big one.

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Fold, spindle, mutilate, whatever. General permission to rip out plot elements you like or the story entire. Also have part of the first chapter. I'm not gonna finish this on my own anytime soon. I've got rough notes of it's sequel if anyone's interested. -_-;;
Random theory bouncing around my skull for this YGO Genex thing that's pissing people off. Most people don't like it because the original characters we've grown to love won't be in there. Except for Kaiba, of course. -_-;; But where does Kaiba come in if this is supposedly the next generation of duelists, possibly even the offspring of the former duelists themselves? But then there's talk that it only takes place 2-3 years in the future. Confusion. Not to mentioning random whining about how it violates canon.

So here's my little theory. What if it isn't a literal school in the sense so many of us are thinking? Kaiba was planning on creating an amusement park for orphans towards the end of the manga. What if this little 'dueling school' is his next little pet project after the amusement park? Or the amusement park itself? Picture it. An exclusive gaming arena geared towards training the next generation of duelists. This means no spawnlings, and kinda kills my pet theory that the tall spikey haired kid lacking a duel disk in the infamous picture is Honda and Otogi's love child.

See? Doesn't he look like a love child? He's even got his daddy's headband. X3 And he's a cutey. I'll call him Spike until I learn otherwise.

And while I'm posting pictures at random, this mini-villan from YGO-R looks like a skanky older version of Otogi gone to seed.

I don't know about you, but I'm offended.
Real life happens. So does writing. Here's the writing part.

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Still buggy, but a bit calmer about it. Gotta quit spazzing so much. I never write in this thing during one of my good moods. Still have job. Found another way to look at situation. If I'm not gonna be able to start classes until October, then at least that gives me another month or so to get stuff straightened out here.

On another note entirely, I've decided to release some of my various plot bunnies into the wild. I post 'em here, what I've got written of the plot or start of actual story, and anybody can use 'em. If they'd even want to. X3

First bunny to find freedom is an incomplete plot write-up. Don't want it. Take it. Fold, spindle, mutilate, whatever.

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( Apr. 2nd, 2004 11:42 pm)
New job apps put in. There's a restuarant place that's actually hiring. Hopefully it'll pan out. Not much else to say. I find myself in a yellow mood, I guess. It's actually rather odd. I'll spend some days so miserable a root canal sounds like high times. Then darkly humorous days with the roadkill counting game. >_< Sure, in the car, that sounds creepy interesting. Now... just creepy.

Today I spent in one of those moods where the stupidest things made me make little squee noises. Like muffins. I made muffins and made squee noises. I think that's an improvement. Maybe. ^_^;;


FC's happy thought of the day:

An odd little ficlet I wrote a while back. First posted on Kyokou Geemu.

Title: "Wishful Thinking"
Rating: PG
Warning: None really, for once.
Pairing(s): Shizuka + Honda + Otogi

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