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( Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:20 am)
Dear artists/photoshop wizards on my flist:

FC needs icons of Hanatarou Yamada as a girl.

It's for an rp... thing.

Can offer fics, books, or $ in return.

Will be more coherent after sleep.

EDIT: ...Remind me if I already owe you something.
I spent the entire weekend either asleep or at work. The few times I could rouse up and try to check shit online the stupid net connection kept winking in and out. (Note to self: There's a reason tech support includes "is it plugged in?" among the first of the troubleshooting questions.) I know at one point I was out for about thirteen hours solid. I remember waking up long enough to turn over every couple hours, but that's about it. Just this long session of "Do not want" when it came to consciousness and doing anything that didn't involve curling up in a fetal position in my warm bed.

My new glasses are also shit. If they're adjusted for farsightedness, shouldn't that make things further away a bit easier to see? Not... blurrier? Bwarg. I'll have to call them back and say, "Nope, still not working," and wait another week or whatever until I can hitch a ride back to Lex and get them looked at again. A working car would be lovely for that so I can quit with the actual hitching part. And being able to focus on more than a string of letters at a time on my computer screen would also be nice, kthnx.

Translation of the spoiler for the latest Bleach chapter, taken from here.

Chapter Begins as Yammi has captured Rukia . Chad and Renji are already down on their knees .

Yammi and Rukia have an exchange and he's about to pound her into the ground .

When Ichigo saves her and says he's going to hurry up and finish this trivial battle .

Rukia: Why are his eyes...not of someone who won in the battle above?

Rukia says something like: "That guy's rank...isn't the same as the rank of the guy you defeated."

The 3 go off and watch the fight from a distance. It doesn't appear they will be involved .

Ichigo says he's going to quickly defeat him . Then go to the real world and dons his mask .

Looks like Ichigo's mask has a horn. And Chapter Ends



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( Sep. 24th, 2008 03:21 am)
Looking for a few good book recommendations!

I found a preview of a really cool comic on Scans_Daily that was part of a Top Cow contest where people voted online for which comic out of six that they wanted to get an actual series. One of those that sadly didn't make it was a little number called "Urban Myths." The whole thing is just what is says on the tin: urban myths. Roman and Greek mythology plopped right down in the big city with a good heaping dollop of detective noir.

Quickie Scans_Daily preview here.

Nice full and legal issue here, on Newsarama.

And... it totally didn't win.

So are there any comics, manga, novels, cartoons, whatever that fall into a similar genre? Mercede Lackey's SERRAted Edge novels edge kinda close, but are more of a "Humanity must never know!" urban fantasy. The Hellboy comic mythos is even closer, but falls short of the whole, "Crap, the naiad upstairs is getting waterspots on the ceiling again," that "Urban Myths" seemed ready to set up.

Seriously. Up for anything kinda close to "Urban Myths" genre-wise.

Also, for extra brownie points, paranormal romance novel recommendations that don't focus on some permutation of vampires or werewolves. Werecat... thingies... count as werewolf permutations. All the freaking mythology to work with and people keep coming back to variations on vampires and werewolves!


Originally posted to the Question Club com, but I got about one helpful rec out of over a dozen posts of "tl;dr lol!" before realizing that maybe some of the people who read this thing might have a couple things to rec themselves. :/
FC: [dialdial] Hi thar! I'd like some internets please!
Phone Company: Hah ahah! You needs a credit card to pay for the equipments and services! But diaaaaalup? With the long distance chaaaarges?
FC: D: Nooooo!

Phone Company: [early in the morning] HI thar!
FC: Bzuh? Zzzzz....
Phone Company: Would you like internets now?
FC: Zzz? [click]
Phone Company: ...

FC: [dialdial] Internets? Please, please?
Phone Company: Ha ha! No.

FC: [dialdial] Internets? Please please?
Phone Company: Suuuure! All up! Split across the bill, nooooo pesky credit cards! :D
FC: :D

FC: [phone bill] Noooooooo!

FC: [dialdial] Um... yeah. No. No internets now please.
Phone Company: Awwwww. Okay.

FC: [mail] Modem? Uhh... Wha? [install] Aww... no service.
Phone Company: What? We know nothing! Call tomorrow!
FC: Awww. Okay.

FC: [dialdial] Internets now please? Gots de modem! :D
FC: D: Take it back!
Phone Company: We transfer you! :D
Phone Company: We take back the modem you gots for the service you don't qualify for! :D
Phone Company: Have yerself nice day now TAH!
FC: >_>



And that's why I don't have internet yet.
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( Feb. 16th, 2006 12:10 pm)
Matters of Etiquette
(a vocabulary list for young ladies)

It is a matter of vital importance and dignity for a young lady to remember and practice a proper vocabulary. Such a vocabulary assures her of a secure place in society and helps to educate others of her impeccable manners and mores. A young lady must always know her proper place; her choice of words can assure her peers and compatriots that she is aware of this role and is happy fulfilling it. So, in the continued interest of civilization, a sample vocabulary list is presented here for the proper young ladies of the twenty-first century, as compared to an identical list for young gentlemen.

A promiscuous young lady is called a slut.
(or alternatively: harlot, scarlet lady, whore, strumpet, loose)
A promiscuous young gentleman is called a big man on campus.

A young lady gets laid.
(or alternatively: gets her cherry popped.)
A young gentleman scores.

A young lady is daddy's little girl.
A young gentleman is daddy's little man.

A young lady who roughhouses is a tomboy.
(or alternatively: dyke.)
A young gentleman who roughhouses is one of the guys.

A young lady who speaks her mind is domineering.
(or alternatively: a bitch.)
A young gentleman who speaks his mind is assertive.

A young lady who asserts her authority is henpecking.
A young gentleman who asserts his authority is leading.

A young lady who emotes in public is hysterical.
A young gentleman who emotes in public is honest with his feelings.

A young lady who speaks loudly is shrill.
A young gentleman who speaks loudly is yelling.

A young lady who is expecting is knocked up.
A young gentleman who is expecting is a father to be.

A young lady screws her way to the top.
A young gentlemen climbs the corporate ladder.

A young lady is a member of mankind.
A young gentlemen is a member of the human race.

In conclusion, the proper young lady can, with proper vocabulary, proudly announce both her role and her satisfaction in fulfilling that role with a few choice words. Remember, it is vital for appearances and the continued betterment of mankind that a young lady both know her place and allow others to know it. Without such important knowledge, her otherwise understanding peers might assume of her such rude cultural violations as independence, confidence, and strength.

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