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( Oct. 31st, 2007 02:02 pm)
Those on my friend's list, please tell me what you think about this! Critique and comments very, very much appreciated. [crosses fingers] I actually kinda like this!

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( Oct. 4th, 2007 11:51 am)
[deep breath] I'm gonna do NaNo this year. [sighs] Of course, I've said that for the past two years running and I never quite even make it far enough into it to say that I've chickened out. It just sort of limps off to the side and pokes me a couple of times before going "Meh," and passing out in some dusty corner of my brain. I don't like it when stuff does that.

So. Any ballbusters here that wouldn't mind a project during November? I don't so much need warm support and encouragement as I do a cattleprod and occasional smack upside the head. I've got no excuses this year. I have time, privacy, and according to my old backup discs, an assload of stuff I can expand into a working outline this month in preparation for NaNo proper.

Following that train of thought, what idea should I take this year? I love all of them, and could just as easily pick one as the other. No one is more or less workable than the others. Here's a list. I'm being lazy. You guys pick one. Whichever gets the most votes or whatever, that's what I'll do for NaNo this year.

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[falls over] Help would be appreciated.

And yes, I know I still owe people stuffs.
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( Apr. 24th, 2007 03:09 am)
'Cause every other DP fan out there has them, so sue me. Some second-generation DP OC for a fic that's been percolating for a while:

Adam Fenton: Son of Sam and Danny, age 16. One of a set of fraternal twins, Adam inherited his father's snow-white hair and his mother's violet eyes. He's much calmer and quieter than his more impulsive twin sister. His ghost powers are latent at best, but Adam does possess a highly sensitive ghost sense. Considering his background, Adam is something of an odd one in his family, as his preference is for talking with possible opponents instead of searching for the nearest blaster. His weapon of choice is a modified specter deflector.

Lily Fenton: Daughter of Sam and Danny, age 16. Lily takes after her mother's stubbornness and her father's impulsiveness, much to the dismay of both. She's outspoken and eager to uphold what she believes is right, even if she's not as sure of herself as she likes everyone to think. Lily inherited a broader range of ghost powers from her father, including flight, transformation, and ectoenergy manipulation. Her powers are still weak and developing, however, but with time she could prove as powerful as her father. Her main weakness is her glaring lack of ghost sense. Lily relies often on her brother to sense trouble coming and to bail her out when it hits.

Ida Baxter: Daughter of Sam and Dash and youngest of the Fenton/Manson/Baxter siblings at age 13. Ida is named after her grandmother and seems to be following in her daredevil ways. While Lily may act the bold one and Adam the fearless one, it's their little sister that truly lives without fear. She's an eager student of everything her parents have to teach, from Sam's lessons on morality, Danny's lessons on responsibility, and Dash's lessons on maximum damage with minimal collateral damage. She has a puppy-crush on Jenny Gray. Jack Fenton's unofficial favorite grandchild.

Micheal "Rasputin" Masters: Clone of Vlad Masters, physical age 17, literal age 5. Originally created as part of an experiment in immortality through memory recordings and cloning, something went wrong and the clone was released from the pod too early. After a few misunderstandings, Vlad accepted the human clone as a reasonable substitute for a proper heir and trained him as a successor. Rasputin interpreted the relationship as a filial one, even if one-sided, and refers to Vlad as "father." Existing in this timeline as an analog to Dark Danny Phantom, Rasputin became obsessed in reaching what he saw as his full potential, up to and including overcoming his mostly human genetics to fully awaken what little ghost DNA was used in his creation. Manages to rip Vlad's ghost half from him and merge with it, creating a new ghost hybrid who refers to himself as Rasputin. ((note: his name needs work. something creepy but less cliche villain-ish)) A chance encounter leads to an obsession with the next Fenton generation, specifically with Adam and Lily.

Jenny Gray: Daughter of Valerie and Kwan, age 15. A quick date lead to an unexpected pregnancy for Valerie and it was a while before young Jenny got to know her father. Her relationship with her parents is somewhat strained, even though all parties involved are trying their best and truly do love one another. Jenny has a prickly personality, and is quick to defend herself with sarcastic comments. She works well enough with the Fenton children, preferring to use hand-to-hand combat over Fenton siblings more specialized approaches to ghost fighting. She finds Ida's little crush to be cute and occasionally flirts back, much to the other girl's delighted embarrassment.
And another backup from the discs. More demons and crap. Same as before, if you want to adopt or whatever, cool.

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Random story thing mentioned earlier is called "The Diverted Prophecy." Posting a couple headshots of the main chara.

Ran, hydraire of no lineage in particular. He was born to a line of dowsers in the great desert south of Ooluri. Da Yano happened upon the boy and realized that his alignment was much stronger than that of his parents, to the point that Ran could manipulate and manifest water. The Da took on Ran as an apprentice. Ran spent several years trying to find his proper role within the Faith, but with little success. He went from training to become a Da to become an exorcist, and finally a demon slayer. All three bombed because he relied upon talismans and folk methods rather than the conviciton of his nonexistant faith. He now wanders around as a magician of sorts, knowing a variety of tricks, but excelling in none. A third braid is supposed to be hiding behind his head, but couldn't exactly fit it in.

Sukeshi, luminaire of the Arshean Flame, son of unnamed mother and son of Akay, descendant of fire elemental Saramandos, and scribe of the Imperial Alliance. He spent the first part of his life never venturing from the village-clan, absorbing as much knowledge of the outside world as he could. Sukeshi finally ventured away from his family to become a cataloger with the Imperial Alliance, traveling the Empire and recording its myriad and varied cultures. An incident in the Sukaar village made in quite clear that the light weilder could not remain impartial to all events. He now wanders the Empire using his knowledge of written and spoken languages as a trade.

I like my babies. ^_^ Not so much the sketches... but I like my babies.
Plot bunny up for adoption. I haven't done anything with it for months now and not likely to do anything with it ever. Have at. Warning, it's a big one.

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Fold, spindle, mutilate, whatever. General permission to rip out plot elements you like or the story entire. Also have part of the first chapter. I'm not gonna finish this on my own anytime soon. I've got rough notes of it's sequel if anyone's interested. -_-;;
Still buggy, but a bit calmer about it. Gotta quit spazzing so much. I never write in this thing during one of my good moods. Still have job. Found another way to look at situation. If I'm not gonna be able to start classes until October, then at least that gives me another month or so to get stuff straightened out here.

On another note entirely, I've decided to release some of my various plot bunnies into the wild. I post 'em here, what I've got written of the plot or start of actual story, and anybody can use 'em. If they'd even want to. X3

First bunny to find freedom is an incomplete plot write-up. Don't want it. Take it. Fold, spindle, mutilate, whatever.

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