I need to limber up a bit for NaNoWriMo this year. So! Taking fic requests for Ganju and Hanatarou since I'd like to try something with them this year, but no telling how that'll turn out. :/

Give me a basic scenario, first sentence, nitty gritty specifics, side characters you'd like to see them interact with, alternate timeline or alternate universe, title, or just general content you'd like to see in it. Anything from, "Something about flowers!" to a paragraph long description of everything that happens point to point.

I'll try to make these at least 500 words long and aim for 1000 if I can.

I'm looking for new ideas that break from the old cliche fics we've all read, although variations on old favorites are nice, too. :3

Also, I so do not have a problem writing porn, lemons, adultfics, what have you. ;3

Current List:

1) [profile] gottis_chan - High school AU - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
2) [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup - Ganju/Hana over the different arcs - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
3) [personal profile] megan_moonlight - Hanatarou winning a fight - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
4) [personal profile] figaro_figaro - Waiting in the sewers - in progress
5) [livejournal.com profile] kimurasato  - Ganju meets Hanatarou in Hueco Mundo - in progress
6) [livejournal.com profile] phrotus - Ganju in the relief station, Hanatarou in a nurse outfit - in progress
7) [profile] lupis_ashes - Hanatarou protects Ganju <strike>from peanut butter</strike> - in progress
8) [profile] ferret_pile - Kukaku flirts with Hanatarou, Ganju gets jealous - in progress

x posted all over the freaking place: [livejournal.com profile] bleach_yaoi , [livejournal.com profile] ganjyu_x_hana ,[Unknown site tag] , [livejournal.com profile] ganju_fans
Another one of these things! Post a prompt and get a three to five sentence drabble, write a drabble and leave a prompt!

Fandoms I can hit: Bleach, Danny Phantom, One Piece (limited, but I'll try my best!), DNAngel (limited), Outlaw Star, Animorphs, Yu-gi-oh! DM.

Okay, so FC has time and computer access in tandem for the first time in... a very long time. So I'm open for short fic requests! Everything at least 100 words, hoping to hit at least 500 with each.

Outlaw Star
Yu-gi-oh! (Duel Monsters only, as I've yet to see GX or 5D's)
Danny Phantom
Bleach (Up to the Bount Arc in the anime or volume 22 of the manga)
One Piece

Just gimme a fandom, a title, and pairing(s)/characters!
Fic: "Mermaid Tails"
Notes: One Piece, slash Luffy/Usopp

There was water and he was moving through it and not drowning. Luffy was pretty sure that counted as swimming, even though he hadn't dreamed of swimming for a very long time. Everything was warm and strong hands were holding him close to a smooth chest and soft lips teased a smile near his ears and it was rather like getting rescued by a school of amorous fish. Through the water and against the current and hands and chest and lips all came together into a sniper that was smiling a curious, gentle smile and flicking smooth gray fins behind him.

Luffy was fairly certain he was dreaming. After all, everyone knew that mermaids had fish tails, not dolphin tails. He wondered for a moment if Usopp knew that. There was a troublesome moment when he needed to breath, but Usopp just smiled that same curious, gentle smile again and pressed his mouth to Luffy's and breathed for him. One kiss and another and another, each one just another breath of the first. It was easier to just float in the dream currents than to question where his clothes went. And easier to hold onto Usopp. Bubbles trailed along his ribs and fluffed his hair. Luffy twined around Usopp, arms and legs twisting and clinging with boneless ease around Usopp's torso and tail. Like seaweed, like a second skin, like he was just trying to be dissolved and breathed in and part of Usopp forever.

Too bad forever was only as long as sleep.

Luffy tried to scrub the sleep from his eyes.

Usopp waved a good morning (or good afternoon?) on the other side of the deck.

"Mmmehh... Usopp, how well do you swim?"
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( Jul. 8th, 2008 09:56 pm)
Random DP fic thing

"How did you know it wasn't real?" Danny asked.

"You smiled at me," Dash said.

That was the start of it, right? Some sad excuse, something small and vague and just big enough to cover the nagging bits that insisted there was no way this could be happening. Tutoring or something like that. Or was it Danny, babysitting over at Dash's house? A flustered confession in front of a locker and a hurried trip home, maybe? It didn't matter. Dash didn't need a reason, only an excuse.

It was enough that Danny was warm in his lap. Should have been hot, should have felt like melting and breaking and burning. That's what was smoldering through his veins, through tiny lines of heat following the tracks of Danny's hands clawing at his back. But Danny was warm and alive and in control even though he was the one writhing on Dash's lap. Danny was the one moving, Danny was the one pulling at Dash and urging him into another hard kiss.

It was all Dash could do to clamp his hands around Danny's waist and bury his face against the other boy's neck.

Not real, not real. He tried to keep telling himself that. Just a dream brought about by too many times picking on the shorter boy, too many times pressing him against the lockers with his own body, or waiting until Danny was walking around in the locker room with only a towel clinging to his hips. The real Danny wouldn't act like this.

Dash managed to convince himself for just a bit longer that it didn't matter. Didn't need a reason, after all, right? Just an excuse. Just Danny to pull at Dash and push him to the bed until Dash rolled back and pinned Danny beneath him. Ignore the heat, ignore the flush creeping up his back until Dash felt like he might evaporate from it. Danny was still warm, still... cool. Ice. Hands like ice trailed down Dash's chest and suddenly he was the one pinned down with Danny straddling his hips.

"This is what you want, right?"


A twitch of Danny's lips like a slice of a smile. "This..." He bent down and brushed an icy kiss across Dash's mouth. "No lockers, no cliques." Sharper smile, brittle and sad. "No questions?"

"No, that's not..."

"Doesn't matter."

Easier to fall back into the dreamlike state, anyway. Pull Danny to him and try to burn that ice away, melt into the other boy. Thaw him out and stop his own aching burn. But id didn't always work like that, now did it? Not Danny. Not his Danny. Not that Danny was ever his.

Cold leeched back to warmth and Danny faded into Phantom.

Dash was left to gasp up, staring into the lofty ceiling of the high school gym. Other students were on the floor around him and Phantom was staring down at him.

"Ghost attack. It was the only way I could think to wake you."

"Right..." Dash stared up at Phantom. Phantom, not Danny. Either way, he still couldn't smile.
Title: Charm
Pairing: Usopp/Luffy
Summary: Usopp remembers how to swim.
Rating: PG
Warning: May smell like fish.

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( Sep. 15th, 2007 12:10 pm)
One Piece kinda sort almost porn if you squint. Not really.

Title: Token Silence
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Luffy/Usopp
Rating: R, just in case.

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( Aug. 18th, 2007 11:28 am)
And as usual, it would appear I am late with my shit. [sighs] Sorry, Emmy. But, but! Here be the last two Ecto drabbles and your bday fic! >_<;; I swear, I thought your birthday was this coming Monday. [headdesk]

title: "Howdy, Neighbor!"
prompt: Fenton Portal/Plasmius portal, ally
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title: Lifetime Tuition
prompt: Danny/Tucker/Sam, Triforce
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And for Bday ficness!

title: "Aftertime Diversions"
prompt: Vlad/Jack, maybe Maddie

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( Aug. 16th, 2007 01:14 pm)
Kimu, here's your second request for the "FC has no internets and needs entertainment" request list.

Fandom: AS RP
Pairing: Lancer/Vlad/Kwan
Theme: Spells
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( Jun. 24th, 2007 12:01 am)
Yawp, another one of those. Free for all until closed.




Fandoms I'll write for: Yugioh, Gargoyles, Danny Phantom, Outlaw Star.

I'll try the following fandoms, but they'll take longer as I'll have to research them. A link to a good site or specific wiki can help get your request sooner: One Piece, Kingdom Hearts, Avatar, Heroes, etc.
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( May. 26th, 2007 01:04 am)
Jack Fenton/Jack Plasmius
Note: Alternate approach to Masters of All Time

Jack Fenton really didn't know what to expect when he flipped the switch on his shiny new invention. He was pretty sure it would open a portal to another dimension. Or make toast. He wasn't quite sure yet. But he certainly wasn't expecting a blue skinned version of himself with a goatee to blink at him on the other side of the portal. Then Maddie peeked over his shoulder and the counterpart mouthed her name and Jack Fenton turned the portal off by delicately slamming his fist down on the fragile control mechanism.

It took several fervent apologies and many hours later before Jack could bring himself to touch the machine again. The repairs took far longer. But he pushed himself with uncharacteristic focus and solemness. The image of that counterpart wouldn't leave him. Red eyes, aqua blue skin, black goatee. Rather like a certain ghost from Wisconsin, divorced of bitter rage and filled instead with resigned despair, given Jack Fenton's face and form.

Such a look, however, filled with such transient hope and disbelief in the few seconds they shared. Jack was determined to find him again. Repair the machine, find that particular frequency, and... Jack hadn't quite planned that far ahead. But find him, find that other, and alleviate the bone weary sorrow that had filled his gaze.

After all, who would image the living could haunt a ghost?
18 Tucker/Danny/Sam
Prompt: Triforce
Title: "Watching You"

Part 1: Technical Surveillance

Tucker's not an idiot. He can see the way Danny and Sam sigh and giggle and look at one another when they think no one's looking at them. Sure, Danny rushes in to rescue *him* just as fast as he rushes in to rescue Sam. And yeah, it's not like they're forgetting Tucker or anything. They still drag him along and groan at his jokes and grin at his excitement.

They aren't leaving Tucker behind. He just gets the impression they're going somewhere he can't follow, entirely unaware that he's struggling to keep up, that there's something between them that they can't share because they themselves aren't yet aware of it's entirety. That's the hard part. Danny and Sam don't know what's growing between them. But Tucker can see it plain as day. There's friend love and romantic love. That's where Danny and Sam are going. And Tucker isn't sure if he can keep up.

Tucker still hangs out with Danny. And it's still cool and all, really. They play video games or ponder over how to snag the cute girl from the lunch line. Tucker spends time with Sam, too. Watching tv or practicing ghost hunting moves where Danny can't watch them and worry. Special moments with both.

But the math's become a bit skewed. 1+1+1. Not any more. 2+1 still equals three. But that doesn't make it any easier to be the 1.
Awwwright! My first original fic in.... uh... years. [headdesk] I'd like to do more with this and expand it, but it needs a beta overhaul first. Concrit greedily appreciated!

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EDIT: edited for time inconsistencies. much thanks to lacha.
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( Apr. 26th, 2007 02:56 am)
They're fighting again. It's tight and contained and controlled and nowhere near as messy as they'd like. But there's not much room for messy nowadays. Not much room for anything.

Dash twitches and flails his arms when he's not fussing with the bandages around his left knee. Stiff and swollen and an angry purple where it's not covered. Something dislocated, the doctor had said, keep your weight off of it. Fucking ghost dislocated his kneecap with barely a swat.

If only it were that easy to dislocate Danny's head from his ass.

"Class 6, Dash! That was a class 6 ghost!"

"Wow," Dash replies. "I'll need two hands to count for that one." His gaze was cold and level even if his words were hot and biting.

That stops Danny in his tracks. He puts his hands on the arms of the overstuffed chair and leans over Dash. Christ. Dash hates it when Danny pulls this alpha male bullshit. "That thing could have killed you."

"But it didn't."

"Only because I got there in time to stop it." Blue eyes flare a brief emerald. "I told you to wait for me."

Dash glares up at Danny, hating him for a tiny moment. "I don't need you to fucking babysit me, Fenton." Low blow, low jab at somebody he cares about. "I'm not like Sam and need a damned wet nurse all the time." The words are out of his mouth before he can snap it shut. Too late. Sam's always been a sore subject between them.

Danny's shaking, hands digging into the overstuffed chair. "I'm sorry if I happen to care." Slight crack in that level voice. Bit harsher now. "I'm sorry if I don't want to see you hurt because you were trying to help me."

"You damned hypocrite!" Dash spits out. "How'd'ya think the rest of us feel? Knowing you're out there in that shit!" He shoves Danny away and struggles to get up. Can't stand this. Has to pace. He gestures out the window at the green horizon tinting the edge of the cityscape. "Amity Park's been floating in the Ghost Zone for two years now and you think people don't know you're what keeps us alive here? And you expect me to feel bad that you're carrying around a little excess guilt?" The glare breaks off into a sneer. "Glad you're such a fucking martyr that you can suffer for everybody else but god forbid somebody try to do the same for you."

"I don't want someone I love to die because of me!" Danny shouts back. He storms from the room and slammed their bedroom door shut. "You're sleeping in the living room tonight!" came the muffled curse.


Dash realizes later, as he's staring up at the ceiling, that that was the first time Danny said he loved him.
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( Apr. 12th, 2007 12:57 am)
15 Dan/Danny
Prompt: Self

He wasn't a narcissist, Dan kept insisting. He touched more often than was necessary and his hands lingered where they shouldn't. His words were soft and whispered and possessive towards his younger counterpart, crimson eyes unexpectedly gentle. It wasn't about running a checklist in his head of "that's the same and that's different, here's where we fit together." He had memorized that list quite a while ago.

Oh, no.

It wasn't about lust or sex or possessive self-love at all.

That's what Dan kept insisting.

And kept touching. Faint caress, fainter words.

Danny never knew. Toss in his sleep, burrow his face into the pillow. He wasn't aware of the night time worship laid upon his skin. Such was Dan's intention. It wouldn't do for Danny to know, after all. Dan didn't know why Clockwork permitted him that escape, when with a single flick of his hand, the younger ghost could be set aflame. Wasn't about that anymore.

It was about love.
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( Mar. 30th, 2007 11:02 pm)
Title: Good Reasons
notes: written for no particular reason.

"Lemme see it."

"Fuck off, Toki."

The shorter boy was not to be deterred and plucked at Dash's tshirt. "I said let me see it!"

Dash just folded his arms against his chest. "I said fuck off."

"Later," Toki promised and yanked Dash's tshirt free of his gym shorts and up towards his head. He let loose a low whistle. "Holy shit. You really did do it."

A slender golden hoop pierced neatly through Dash's left nipple. He grunted in frustration and dropped his arms to his side, staring off into space somewhere over Toki's shoulder. He flinched when Toki hooked a fingertip through the hoop and gently tugged. "Stop it," he hissed.

"Okay, drunken after game party I can understand," Toki said, leaning over to look a bit closer at Dash's new piercing. "What I don't get is why you kept it." Before Dash had a chance to snap off a clever retort, Toki leaned forward and closed his lips around the nipple under such close scrutiny.

Dash gave a high pitched inhalation of pain, breath hissing through his teeth as Toki started to suck. He could feel the other boy's teeth click against the ring even as his tongue teased and flicked the hypersensitive nub of flesh beneath.

Toki pulled back and grinned up at Dash, teeth still tugging on the nipple ring, red eyes bright and sly.

"That's why," Dash said hoarsely. Toki only grinned.
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( Mar. 27th, 2007 12:43 am)
13 Dan/Jack
Prompt: Deny
Title: Denial

There were times when Dan didn't want know if he wanted to kill the man or fuck him.

The worst part was not knowing which half it came from.

Vlad's memories of Jack were jagged and sharp, piercing deeply when Dan tried too hard to pull a specific memory. Images and sounds invaded rudely and left just as abruptly each time. Messages cast down as though stones. Panting and gasping for breath late at night. Hands fisted under boxers and thrusting with insistent need. Friendship of practical motivations. Useful. But then the girl. A spark lit to all of their hearts, but her decision made before she even knew there was a choice. Taken away. Stolen. Left bitter and alone.

Danny's memories were softer and brighter. It was those that left Dan more uncomfortable. They floated easily to the surface, bubbling through at the oddest moments. Safe. Protected. Such odd contrast to the other's memories. Strong arms to wrap around him, hold him tight at night, safe from bad dreams. Nuzzle against the broad chest, head resting under chin. Didn't know when that strange, alien desire surfaced. Only that it was strong and pushed him into his father's arms long past childhood.

Dan didn't know which impulse came from which half, or if it was one of those rare things both Danny and Vlad agreed on.

So he watched.

Watched Jack sleep, warring with distant impulses to main and destroy and touch and hold. Reached out sometimes. Tracing his brow with a single finger. All he dared to touch, lest the floodgates open. Sometimes Dan wondered if he'd fuck Jack before or after turning him into a corpse. But he never quite made it that far. Just a single, hesitant touch.

But there was one thing both Vlad and Danny's memories could agree upon.

Jack was lovely as he slept.
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( Mar. 23rd, 2007 02:18 am)
17 Tucker/Dan
Prompt: Mine
Title: Simulcrum

Vlad's evil half had overwhelmed him. That was what Danny had told them after it was all over. Hushed whispers and hoarse confessions. The pain overwhelming, his ghost half ripped out. An angry avenging spirit to rip Vlad in half and destroy what was left over of both of them. Danny had told Sam and Tucker that the dark spirit, that horrible future, was locked away under Clockwork's care.

It wasn't Danny's fault. Not his fault Dan broke out and stalked the uncertain path of their future. It wasn't Danny's fault.

At least, that's what Tucker kept telling himself.

"I could change into him, if you want." Voice dark and rough and purred against his spine. "But honestly, I doubt that would help much at this point."

Tucker had seen those flames before. Seen them extinguished and reborn. Seen them engulf Dan and an entire city block upon his second return to Amity Park. Now they danced along Dan's arms and sparked onto Tucker's clothing, devouring the shirt and pants into ash. Flames flicked along his arms and legs, curling around his torso, but left only the faintest kiss of heat behind.

"You can stop now, okay?" Tucker's voice trembled in forced laughter. As though the hungry look in the ghost's crimson eyes was a joke. Not Danny's fault, not Danny's fault, he kept saying to himself. He felt strong arms wrap around him from behind, felt a face burrow into his neck.

"Why, Tuck?" Danny's voice whispered into his ears even though the form behind him was too tall and too broad to be that of his friend. But then a shift and blur of form and caress and even that shaking part of the illusion fell into place. "Just like the other times."

Tucker tried. He really did. He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lower lip and did everything he could not to react to teasing fingers that somehow burned hotter than any flame Dan could conjure. Danny touching him, his senses insisted, Danny sighing in his ears. Tucker screamed at himself to find the differences. But each touch, each errant tweak at his nipples, each teasing sweep above his growing erection, was Danny's. After all, who else would it be? At least half the ghost was Danny.

"Not. Not my Danny," he managed to gasp.

"Does it matter?" the other replied. "I may not be yours," he whispered, "But you are mine."
8 Ghost Writer/Dan
Prompt: Ashes
Title: We All Fall Down

It was all that remained in the end. All that he allowed himself to keep. Just a letter, aged to dust, trapped in a vial about his neck. As though a little string attached to a hollow piece of glass could keep him near. But he didn't want to forget. Death was one thing, destruction yet another, but to fade away from memory itself...

That was an end that could never be undone.

So Dan kept the only part that remained.

Cold ashes to warm the embers of his memories.
10 Ghost Writer/Vlad
Prompt: Scarves
Title: Winter Garment Accessory

Vlad fingered the green and silver scarf. It was soft and heavy and draped quite nicely around his neck and shoulders. A fine gift indeed, even if the serpents embroidered along it's edges gave it a bit more of a sinister look that was necessary for a winter garment accessory.

"It's a lovely gift," Vlad assured the Ghost Writer.

He was rewarded with a flashing smile that nevertheless reeked of sly cleverness. The Ghost Writer twirled his own scarf around his neck, a scarlet and gold pattern that matched Vlad's, with lions dancing instead of serpents.

Vlad stroked the soft material again, glancing up at the Ghost Writer with a sly grin of his own. "Now. Would this have anything to do what the story you were showing me the other day? With those Rowling characters?" His lips quirked in a smirk. "That rather sultry little number with Snape and young Potter, I believe?"

"That depends," the Ghost Writer challenged, reaching out to tug Vlad's new scarf, "If there is a teacher that might educate this... student."

"Only if I get to examine your wand first."


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