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( Jun. 22nd, 2007 12:35 pm)
Blargh. I've been whining about this in chat for a couple days, so here goes.

A couple days ago, my parents gave me two weeks to move out. Deadline is July 3rd. The "why's" generally boil down to me being an ass and not really cooperating with the household at large. Okay. I'll buy that one. Anyhoo, cue a couple days later to today. No closer to a concrete apartment, but I've got a really good lead on one. Just gotta talk to the guy this afternoon.

I really wish I could be more panicked about this at the appropriate times. I've still got to pack (really pack, not just mill about and get the trash out of my room). My parents (ie, Dad) have said that I'm still welcome to visit or pop in for the occasional free meal and help me set up. Whatever that means. So it's less kicking me out and a bit more shoving me out of the nest.


If that mixed metaphor makes any sense.

The first night I couldn't sleep. Stayed up until five in the morning until I crashed. Slept like a baby the past couple, though. It's not really a surprise what they decided. I was half-assedly looking myself, just in passing. I'm just kinda surprised that they sprang it on me first. Blargh.

It's gonna be ramen noodles and coupon clippings for a while until I can find another part-time job or a new and properly full-time job. Something I can stick with for a while, not like that disasterous stint at the call center. The restaurant is a great place to work, co-worker and boss wise, even if scrubbing the dried mustard under my fingernails gets old after a while.

Between what I make now, my parent's offer of start-up assistance, and what will be leftover from my college grant money (if the move doesn't screw that up...) I think I can manage. The apartment I'm gonna look at this afternoon is reasonably cheap in a somewhat decent part of twon, most of the utilities included. Electric I'll have to handle on my own, but, again, manageable. And I think I'll even be able to afford getting intarwebs after a couple weeks if the ancient computer I've managed to scrounge up works and can handle it. Seriously, that more crate runs Win 95 (which I've heard is more stable than Win XP or Vista anyway).

My biggest weakness is my complete and utter lack of knowledge on how to go about this. Shopping, supplies, I have no idea what's needed to stock a domicile for single living. I've always lived with my family, so no real experience there.

Any hints and tips, flist? I know the basics: no stupid splurges, take care of bills and necessities first, play last (if at all), clip coupons, hit the dollar isle of the food mart. But any little tricks and tips I might have missed? Or, god forbid, a resource online I could check out for cheapo recipies using spam and ramen noodles? XD

I don't really know what to do now. I've been wanting for the longest time for things to change, but really didn't have the guts to do it myself. Now things have been changed for me. In the end, really, that might be the biggest favor my parents can do for me.

I'll update later about what I've found out about that apartment.


EDIT: I've kinda sorta got the apartment. Just another two paychecks needed to cover first month's rent, pay the deposit extra at a time as I go. Still need to find out how much it would cost to get the electric in my name. But it comes with a fridge and stove, and a family friend offered furnitures her mom is getting rid off.

A good start, yes?


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