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( Oct. 13th, 2009 06:32 pm)
Righto. That time of year again. November in a couple of weeks and time to start nanowrimo again. Hell, who knows, might even finish. I just can't decide on what to start. I've got some old necro story ideas I can drag up and shine up in time to have something to work with, or go with that current urge to write something fannish for Bleach that doesn't send me into spasms of rage.

(Seriously, Kubo, what the hell is up with the last few chapters? Tiny chunks of diamond hard awesome tossed around in a giant pile of poo. Even up a little bit and maybe shine down that fanboy boner you've got for Ichigo.)

So here's a few random ideas that I'm blathering out, most of 'em Hanatarou and Ganju centered, each blurb told in 100 words exact.

Title: Placebo
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Tatsuki, Keigo, Don Kanoji.
What: Ganju is sent to the human world. He meets Hanatarou, who has no memory of his life or mission. The two of them have to figure out where the other shinigami have gone and and the source of a Hollow related sickness that can cause the living to grow masks. Karakura Town becomes sealed in a mysterious shield that the living can cross but traps the dead within. They find help from unlikely sources with students Tatsuki and Keigo and the spiritualist Don Kanoji along the way, but still have to discover what solution is hiding in Hanatarou's lost memory.
Where: Bleach fandom, mild AU
Why: Already have an assload of notes for this one and there's this one scene that I have to write somewhere, reasoning be damned.

Title: The Flower of Shiba
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Kukaku, others
What: Hanatarou gets framed for the attempted poisoning of a high ranking noble officer and is kidnapped/rescued before a proper investigation can even start. Abandoned in the Rukon with no way back and no way of proving his identity, he turns to the only allies he can think of: the Shiba clan. One case of mistaken identity builds up on another and he finds an unexpected role as Lady Hanako, healer and bride to be of one Ganju Shiba. Neither is quite certain how that rumor got started, but it might be just the cover Hanatarou needs to prove his innocence.
Bleach fandom
Why: Exploration of gender roles and affect on identity, as well as... Okay, Hana in a bright and pretty kimono. Stfu.

Title: untitled
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Kukaku, others (yes, there is a pattern)
What: The battle split between the fake Karakuar Town and Heuco Mundo takes a turn for the worse. Forces are divided and the Seireitei is left defenseless against an unexpected attack. Unohana sends Hanatarou back with a message for Urahara and his allies. Soul Society itself is the true sacrifice Aizen will use to create the Oken, cost be damned. A weapon hidden away in the Seireitei could be the only thing that can buy enough time for Ichigo and the Captains to return. A small group must defend the Seireitei and countless souls that will be lost if they fail.
Where: Bleach fandom
Why: Because I've been whining the last few chapters of Bleach suck. If I'm gonna bitch that much, might as well try my own hand at it.

(And this is totally a fake cut to a previous journal entry from 2 years ago, whining about essentially the same thing, but with my own shit instead of someone else's.)
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( Nov. 14th, 2007 12:20 pm)
Yeah... Halfway through Nano and this is pretty much all I got.

Well. That and over a hundred games of solitaire. [headdesk]

Contains a repost from the beginning of chapter one because of minor edits.

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( Nov. 1st, 2007 02:30 pm)
Yeah... I am absurdly proud of myself for managing the first day properly. :3 I'm setting my daily word quota for at least 1700 words. Um. Prolly not gonna post every day, so as not to spam people's lists, but had to post this one, if for no other reason than to self-preen. ^_^;; I've planned to Nano for the past two years; this is the first time I've actually sat my ass down and written for it proper. But here's the first scene of chapter 1. Hopefully, the first of many to come.

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( Oct. 31st, 2007 02:02 pm)
Those on my friend's list, please tell me what you think about this! Critique and comments very, very much appreciated. [crosses fingers] I actually kinda like this!

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( Oct. 4th, 2007 11:51 am)
[deep breath] I'm gonna do NaNo this year. [sighs] Of course, I've said that for the past two years running and I never quite even make it far enough into it to say that I've chickened out. It just sort of limps off to the side and pokes me a couple of times before going "Meh," and passing out in some dusty corner of my brain. I don't like it when stuff does that.

So. Any ballbusters here that wouldn't mind a project during November? I don't so much need warm support and encouragement as I do a cattleprod and occasional smack upside the head. I've got no excuses this year. I have time, privacy, and according to my old backup discs, an assload of stuff I can expand into a working outline this month in preparation for NaNo proper.

Following that train of thought, what idea should I take this year? I love all of them, and could just as easily pick one as the other. No one is more or less workable than the others. Here's a list. I'm being lazy. You guys pick one. Whichever gets the most votes or whatever, that's what I'll do for NaNo this year.

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[falls over] Help would be appreciated.

And yes, I know I still owe people stuffs.
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( Aug. 7th, 2007 03:45 pm)
[bounces] Kimu! Heeeey! Kimu, Kimu, Kimu!

I got one of your two "FC is on internet vacation and desperately needs a distraction" fic requests done!

Fandom: Superheroes
Pairing: Fel/Est
Theme: Secrets


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( May. 14th, 2007 12:01 am)

She watched the old woman sleep. Her bony chest rose and fell, breath whistling hoarsely past her dry lips. Each bone laid bare beneath its thin veneer of skin and the weary heartbeat fluttered against the cage like a battered bird. Sunken eyes and sunken flesh, as though the old woman would collapse in upon herself in a final puff of dust.

She hated the old woman, that withered husk of a creature that was once her mother.

The pillow was soft in her hands. Velvet. Warm. Just a quick fluff, quick pat into shape, then tuck neatly beneath the old woman's head. Bid her a good night's sleep. Pray the Lord her soul to keep. But He never did. Day after day, the old woman drew breath, determined to prolong her misery.

What could she do? Stand over the old woman as though in guard. As though to protect, to ward off slinking death. It never occurred to her, until now, that it would be just as easy to hold the pillow over the old woman's face. Just ignore the rattling death's breath. Then only silence for them both.

Murder. Not even a mercy, given how stubbornly the old woman clung to life. Perhaps a mercy for herself, then. But to do so would be to kill a part of herself. Kill the one that gave her life, nursed her through childhood, kept fierce protective watch. Watch and watch and watch.

Her grip tightened on the pillow and she pressed it against the old woman's face. There was barely a struggle.

Not murder, then, she decided.

A suicide.
Awwwright! My first original fic in.... uh... years. [headdesk] I'd like to do more with this and expand it, but it needs a beta overhaul first. Concrit greedily appreciated!

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EDIT: edited for time inconsistencies. much thanks to lacha.
And another backup from the discs. More demons and crap. Same as before, if you want to adopt or whatever, cool.

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( Mar. 15th, 2007 02:01 am)
He tried to sneak through the old lady's room, but his foot struck something soft and yielding and furry. A great hulking mountain of a cat swung a tiny head upwards to peer at him. Large, round eyes regarded him with something approaching apathetic disinterest before the tiny head dropped back down to bury muzzle-deep in a dish of food he was rather glad not to identify.

"That's my little Shnooky!"

Jack almost spun around fast enough to fall over the cat-mountain. "Gah! You! Uh... just passing through!" he yelped. "Honest!"

"My little Shnooky needs to eat, doesn't he?" the old woman continued, her frail voice filling the space left by Jack's halfassed excuse. Her skin draped delicately on her toddering skeleton, her eyes large and multifaceted behind her bifocals. She stooped over to heave another ladle of the questionable food into the cat-mountain's dish. "Eat because Mommy loves you, Shnooky!"

He backed away as fast as possible, shins knocking against gimmigadgets and whatchamacallits. "I'll just... I mean, I'm leaving, so it's alright, okay?"

Schnooky looked up at him with those large, round eyes again, edible ichor dripping from it's chin. "Mrerr..." it warbled, and died.
Random notes I'm too lazy to type elsewhere and I would like this out of my head now, kthnxbai. Rips from DP, A_S like woah, bits and pieces from Buffy, and smidgen from American Dragon. Woo. [falls over]

"Something Like Normal"

16-year old Jack Anderson wants nothing more than to be normal, which is hard when you come from a family of psions. He's a skilled psion fighter and caster, but prefers playing soccer to catching the random wandering imp or sealing a drifting portal.

His father, Robert Anderson, is a stay at home father busy caring for the young twins, Mimi and Momo (Miriam and Morris). Robert cares very much for his family, but the constant stress of keeping up with the twins and maintaining appearances of a normal family has left him with a rather deadpan sense of humor.

Jack's mother, Lisa Anderson, is an absent minded inventor always trying to test her new toys out on her family. While most of her inventions are harmless, she has a rather disturbing tendency to make things in her sleep. She's never quite certain what she'll find in her workshop in the mornings.

His older sister, Anna Anderson, is a fledgling psion master, eager to prove herself in their clandestine community which Jack would rather avoid. She's very studious, but life in Oakdale appears to be mellowing her out.

Jack's family has just moved to Oakdale, and he's eager to prove himself as an ordinary, run of the mill teenager. Too bad he comes from a long line of psions who have taken it upon themselves to protect the hidden, mystical world from direct human interference. The Anderson family is sent to Oakdale on a long-term assignment, something which delights Jack until he realizes that Oakdale is a veritable nexus of crossworld energies.

At Oakdale High, he meets a variety of people that make his attempts to balance his secret life with his growing public life both easier and more difficult.

Jack, in his early attempts to weasel himself into the popular crowd only succeeds in firmly attaching himself to one of the school's biggest outcasts: Kit Hawthorne, resident goth. Kit has latent psionic gifts and is often frustrated with Jack's constant refusal of a world Kit would love to be part of. Kit spends most of her time researching magic and the esoteric in attempts to be part of a world she'll never truly know. Kit provides deadpan counterpoint to Jack's awkward eagerness.

Along the way, Jack finds fellow students that need his family's help, but at what cost? 'Rush' Spalding, for instance, the local head jock that finds a new favorite target with Jack, is slowly emerging from the spell that holds the entire town unaware of the strange occurrences going on right beneath their noses.

But then there's the mysterious Mr. Harmon, a science teacher that appears to know more about the Anderson family than he's letting on. Is he friend? Or a new foe?

All of Oakdale is held under the thrall of a vast and powerful spell that keeps them blissfully unaware of the nexus of crossworlds held within the town center. The nexus is only held in place by the symbiotic lifeforce of the townspeople, who in return are protected from their own panic and fear by the spell. Jack's task, whether or not he likes it, is to protect this world, even as he tries to make his own place in a whole other world that's almost something like normal.
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 12:28 am)
Jude had good intentions. Too bad the execution sucks.

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( Feb. 9th, 2007 03:00 pm)
Random drabblish thinger for Jude and Zak. Whee.

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Another story with my OC Ran and Sukeshi. Posted for archival purposes in case the disk dies.

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( Jan. 27th, 2007 01:31 pm)
Random file from my backup disks. No, I have no idea.

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( Sep. 24th, 2004 12:25 am)
Woops. Got caught going over my one hour time limit for internet. >_< Mom was nice enough to let me keep internet, however, with the added provision that time might be extended after I receive grades. So... not bad. I guess.

I have plot bunnies. Evil, evil, plot bunnies. Erg.

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I hate these. Decent ideas and next to no ambition to do anything with them.


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