I spent the entire weekend either asleep or at work. The few times I could rouse up and try to check shit online the stupid net connection kept winking in and out. (Note to self: There's a reason tech support includes "is it plugged in?" among the first of the troubleshooting questions.) I know at one point I was out for about thirteen hours solid. I remember waking up long enough to turn over every couple hours, but that's about it. Just this long session of "Do not want" when it came to consciousness and doing anything that didn't involve curling up in a fetal position in my warm bed.

My new glasses are also shit. If they're adjusted for farsightedness, shouldn't that make things further away a bit easier to see? Not... blurrier? Bwarg. I'll have to call them back and say, "Nope, still not working," and wait another week or whatever until I can hitch a ride back to Lex and get them looked at again. A working car would be lovely for that so I can quit with the actual hitching part. And being able to focus on more than a string of letters at a time on my computer screen would also be nice, kthnx.

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( Oct. 13th, 2009 06:32 pm)
Righto. That time of year again. November in a couple of weeks and time to start nanowrimo again. Hell, who knows, might even finish. I just can't decide on what to start. I've got some old necro story ideas I can drag up and shine up in time to have something to work with, or go with that current urge to write something fannish for Bleach that doesn't send me into spasms of rage.

(Seriously, Kubo, what the hell is up with the last few chapters? Tiny chunks of diamond hard awesome tossed around in a giant pile of poo. Even up a little bit and maybe shine down that fanboy boner you've got for Ichigo.)

So here's a few random ideas that I'm blathering out, most of 'em Hanatarou and Ganju centered, each blurb told in 100 words exact.

Title: Placebo
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Tatsuki, Keigo, Don Kanoji.
What: Ganju is sent to the human world. He meets Hanatarou, who has no memory of his life or mission. The two of them have to figure out where the other shinigami have gone and and the source of a Hollow related sickness that can cause the living to grow masks. Karakura Town becomes sealed in a mysterious shield that the living can cross but traps the dead within. They find help from unlikely sources with students Tatsuki and Keigo and the spiritualist Don Kanoji along the way, but still have to discover what solution is hiding in Hanatarou's lost memory.
Where: Bleach fandom, mild AU
Why: Already have an assload of notes for this one and there's this one scene that I have to write somewhere, reasoning be damned.

Title: The Flower of Shiba
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Kukaku, others
What: Hanatarou gets framed for the attempted poisoning of a high ranking noble officer and is kidnapped/rescued before a proper investigation can even start. Abandoned in the Rukon with no way back and no way of proving his identity, he turns to the only allies he can think of: the Shiba clan. One case of mistaken identity builds up on another and he finds an unexpected role as Lady Hanako, healer and bride to be of one Ganju Shiba. Neither is quite certain how that rumor got started, but it might be just the cover Hanatarou needs to prove his innocence.
Bleach fandom
Why: Exploration of gender roles and affect on identity, as well as... Okay, Hana in a bright and pretty kimono. Stfu.

Title: untitled
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Kukaku, others (yes, there is a pattern)
What: The battle split between the fake Karakuar Town and Heuco Mundo takes a turn for the worse. Forces are divided and the Seireitei is left defenseless against an unexpected attack. Unohana sends Hanatarou back with a message for Urahara and his allies. Soul Society itself is the true sacrifice Aizen will use to create the Oken, cost be damned. A weapon hidden away in the Seireitei could be the only thing that can buy enough time for Ichigo and the Captains to return. A small group must defend the Seireitei and countless souls that will be lost if they fail.
Where: Bleach fandom
Why: Because I've been whining the last few chapters of Bleach suck. If I'm gonna bitch that much, might as well try my own hand at it.

(And this is totally a fake cut to a previous journal entry from 2 years ago, whining about essentially the same thing, but with my own shit instead of someone else's.)
I actually understand now why some people bitch and moan about their precious favorite characters getting ruined in canon. Right here at about the 23:30 mark is the Shinigami Golden omake of the recently subbed Bleach ep 236. I've been waiting almost forty eps for Hanatarou to show up and wheee. We get about five seconds of him being competent or at least not tripping over his face and then he's freaking out over a cardboard/stuffed/statue of the Seaweed Ambassador. This is a trained medical officer who while a bit flakey, has (mostly) been shown as at least competent at what he does, which is healing and treating people. Not... freaking out over fucking cardboard/stuffed/statues/whatever.

Meh. I should be in bed.
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( May. 19th, 2008 08:50 pm)
FC failed all three of her courses this semester. One was a fluffy bunny course, one was a no brainer requiring only the regurgitation of the textbook, and the last was a course that she knew within the first week she'd have no chance of passing and should have dropped immediately.

She does not know how this will affect her Pell grant, but it will most likely have to be paid back like last time this happened. The uncertain part is if she will qualify for further assistance after this debacle of a semester.

It would help tremendously if she knew what the fuck she wanted to do beyond work part time at a tiny restaurant doing fetch jobs and washing dishes and coming home at night to play on the computer for way too long.

And no, the irony of that last is not lost on her.
FC: [dialdial] Hi thar! I'd like some internets please!
Phone Company: Hah ahah! You needs a credit card to pay for the equipments and services! But diaaaaalup? With the long distance chaaaarges?
FC: D: Nooooo!

Phone Company: [early in the morning] HI thar!
FC: Bzuh? Zzzzz....
Phone Company: Would you like internets now?
FC: Zzz? [click]
Phone Company: ...

FC: [dialdial] Internets? Please, please?
Phone Company: Ha ha! No.

FC: [dialdial] Internets? Please please?
Phone Company: Suuuure! All up! Split across the bill, nooooo pesky credit cards! :D
FC: :D

FC: [phone bill] Noooooooo!

FC: [dialdial] Um... yeah. No. No internets now please.
Phone Company: Awwwww. Okay.

FC: [mail] Modem? Uhh... Wha? [install] Aww... no service.
Phone Company: What? We know nothing! Call tomorrow!
FC: Awww. Okay.

FC: [dialdial] Internets now please? Gots de modem! :D
FC: D: Take it back!
Phone Company: We transfer you! :D
Phone Company: We take back the modem you gots for the service you don't qualify for! :D
Phone Company: Have yerself nice day now TAH!
FC: >_>



And that's why I don't have internet yet.
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( Oct. 9th, 2007 09:44 pm)
Library wireless is still ass. Which would explain the overwhelming lack of Runescapers this afternoon. Which is... yeah, good they're gone, not so good why.
[written at the library while waiting for net to come back]

I'm paying attention to football season this year, not quite certain why. But I know what a touchback is (when the opposing team interrupts a touchdown just before it's completed, resulting in a fumble and control of the ball then switches to the team that interrupted the tackle) and that the Bears beat the Packers in their last game, 27 to 20.

Also, Bellsouth is ass. Bellsouth is so, so much ass. I called earlier today to get my phone and internet (INTERNET!) set up. Signed up for the cheapest local and long distance and cheapest DSL. 750 kbps is ass, but still 750 more ass than I had before. Price of modem would be split up and tacked on to monthly bill. Everything was fine, just had to make deposit and call back so the service order could be released. Made the payment at a local payment center/drug store, then called back. Everything fine and dandy until nice lady on the other end of the phone tells me that in order to get internets, I gotta pay the full price for the modem and the first month's bill UP FRONT and with a CREDIT CARD. Bellsouth, wtf?

[sneers] But hey, at least the local and long distance will be up this afternoon, isn't that nice?





So net access appears to be delayed for another couple weeks. Woo. [dead]

[written at home after work before mooching parents' net]

Yeah, still fail. Phone still not turned on after 12 hours. I'll be calling back tomorrow, m'yep.


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