Sorry for the... what? Month long absence? Christ.

My mom's stay with me was surprisingly stress-free and almost pleasant. I was awake or at work at night and slept during the day, so it added up to only a few hours of the day we were awake to interact with one another. Frankly, I think that helped. She had to use internet most of the evening to get her business caught up, but did cook a few meals and washed all the dishes while she was here. The BBQ ribs were good. :3 So that actually worked out rather well. The porn was hidden in the usual places along with the occasional note that said, "If you tell me how you found this, I'll tell you why I have it." No questions were brought up. XD;;

So that was all hurray and shit and stuff moved around from one place to another and their old landlord was a douche who evicted them, but as of now, they have a new place to live, even though Mom plans on getting an apartment as soon as Sister gets off her ass and gets a job and learns she doesn't have to babysit Mom all the time.

And then Fritz died.

Sorta. Stupid computer error and most of my shit on it gone, except for ancient files I had on CDs and fics/note things. Laptop was fixed and OS put back on and new files on it and then internet didn't work. So a few days later and some very annoyed tech support people from overseas and I have computer with files and internet working again.

And then I caught my mp3 player in my car door. :/

Past few weeks have been kind... yeah. [headdesk]

Also! Tan, Uso, and Becca, I'm redoing your prompt fic thingies! They'll be up in a couple days!

Sorry guys. [hides]
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( Mar. 31st, 2009 11:41 am)




Okay, FC is not dead, just generally feeling like room-temperature shit. Cats knocked out my modem's plug last time I was online and it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what the fuck was going on. I've been about passed out sleeping the rest of the time. :/

A couple weeks ago, almost a month, I had two... episodes? thingies? vision-go-bye-byes. Doctor said it was mostly harmless and family history backed up my own personal theory (that doc confirmed) that they were just migraine auras. Meaning, I got a couple of the symptoms of big badass migraines, but without the ballbusting headache part. What I got were gray fuzzy spots gnawing away at my peripheral vision until I could barely see anything that wasn't directly in front of me followed by "Wee, where's the merry go round?" type nausea every time I turned my head.

Doc put me on asprin and something called propo-whatsit. Eh, it's on the bottle. But it's supposed to loosen up blood vessels and such so nothing constricts to the point of giving me those lovely flashing spots or nasty tunnel vision. So far, so good. It took about a week after actually getting the medicine for me to start taking it, but I've been taking regularly for about a week now. No episodes or any of great grandmother's blind spots, but it's left me feeling very, very tired. I mean, I have been sleeping like a freaking rock for the past few nights upwards of 10+ hours, averaging damned close to 12 or 13. That's not good. Will be checking with doctor, of course. Even for me, sleeping that damned long and being that damned tired so long isn't normal.

Also, some good friends got me drunk for the first time last Saturday. Apparently, I am a very polite drunk. And I can't blame the Smirnoffs for the bad karaoke; I do that sober. XD;;
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( May. 19th, 2008 08:50 pm)
FC failed all three of her courses this semester. One was a fluffy bunny course, one was a no brainer requiring only the regurgitation of the textbook, and the last was a course that she knew within the first week she'd have no chance of passing and should have dropped immediately.

She does not know how this will affect her Pell grant, but it will most likely have to be paid back like last time this happened. The uncertain part is if she will qualify for further assistance after this debacle of a semester.

It would help tremendously if she knew what the fuck she wanted to do beyond work part time at a tiny restaurant doing fetch jobs and washing dishes and coming home at night to play on the computer for way too long.

And no, the irony of that last is not lost on her.


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