Title: "Save Her"
Rating: PG
Summary: Hanatarou has to fight a Hollow, but who is he trying to save?
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] megan_moonlight.

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( Dec. 10th, 2009 08:25 am)
Just thought I'd ask here before going anywhere else!

I've got a fic in progress that could really use another touch and I could use someone to help me untangle the freaking plot and timeline. The fic in question is here: chapter one and chapter two. I've got a total of two additional chapters that I've looked over myself that I'm still concerned about.

I'm looking for someone with solid knowledge of Bleach, the ability to help wrangle incoherent notes into something coherent, and ample patience to listen to me blathering. Willingness to kick me in the ass if I don't pull this off is a plus, but not required. I've got enough scattered ideas this could go on for quite a number of chapters, but I'd be happy to finish one 'mini arc.' My biggest concern at the moment is getting the timeline straightened out. Plotting is no problem, it's just figuring out a logical order for the plot to occur in.

I need to limber up a bit for NaNoWriMo this year. So! Taking fic requests for Ganju and Hanatarou since I'd like to try something with them this year, but no telling how that'll turn out. :/

Give me a basic scenario, first sentence, nitty gritty specifics, side characters you'd like to see them interact with, alternate timeline or alternate universe, title, or just general content you'd like to see in it. Anything from, "Something about flowers!" to a paragraph long description of everything that happens point to point.

I'll try to make these at least 500 words long and aim for 1000 if I can.

I'm looking for new ideas that break from the old cliche fics we've all read, although variations on old favorites are nice, too. :3

Also, I so do not have a problem writing porn, lemons, adultfics, what have you. ;3

Current List:

1) [profile] gottis_chan - High school AU - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
2) [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup - Ganju/Hana over the different arcs - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
3) [personal profile] megan_moonlight - Hanatarou winning a fight - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
4) [personal profile] figaro_figaro - Waiting in the sewers - in progress
5) [livejournal.com profile] kimurasato  - Ganju meets Hanatarou in Hueco Mundo - in progress
6) [livejournal.com profile] phrotus - Ganju in the relief station, Hanatarou in a nurse outfit - in progress
7) [profile] lupis_ashes - Hanatarou protects Ganju <strike>from peanut butter</strike> - in progress
8) [profile] ferret_pile - Kukaku flirts with Hanatarou, Ganju gets jealous - in progress

x posted all over the freaking place: [livejournal.com profile] bleach_yaoi , [livejournal.com profile] ganjyu_x_hana ,[Unknown site tag] , [livejournal.com profile] ganju_fans


Title: Duality
Rating: G

"Usopp's different when he puts that mask on."

No one paid the simple comment any mind or any really attention. Of course Usopp was different when he put on the mask and cape; some people needed something to hide behind in order to be their real self. In Usopp's case it was a lie that just happened to be a different version of the same truth. Luffy's crew smiled and told him of course Usopp was different with the mask, even if they didn't quite understand when Luffy told them he was different without the mask, too, sometimes.

Luffy gave up hoping any of them would understand. He knew that despite missing something rather obvious right in front of them, they at least had the important part of caring about Usopp done right. It was left up to Luffy to wrap his arms around Usopp one night when he smiled a different sort of smile under the moonlight and for Luffy said, "I love both of you."


Title: Polaris
Rating: G

After traveling with the Thousand Sunny and finding family in her crew, going back to visit Kaya no longer felt like going home. It was like returning to someone important, of course, but Usopp's heart was invested in new hopes and new dreams. Dreams he wanted to share and dreams he was delighted to find his friends and family sharing with her. She smiled and laughed at all their stories, eyes shining brightest during Usopp's.

He tried to pretend it was home for a while, saying goodbye to his new family and trying to find something of the old on a single island. Usopp's eyes kept drifting to the horizon when they weren't fixed on her smiling face and shining eyes. Those remained bright and firm in his mind like a guiding star to lead a ship back to port. One long day some many months after, his family returned. Usopp didn't want to leave them again, wanted to return to that place that felt like home. But that meant leaving his star behind as well. It was a choice that would haunt him no matter what he decided and he knew it was a goodbye that would last for ages no matter who he said it to.

It wasn't until later, when Usopp stood at the dock and watched the Sunny getting reloaded, that he saw Kaya approach with a smile and bright eyes and a heavy pack over her shoulder. She grinned at him and said, "So where are we going?"

"Home," Usopp said and caught her in a tight embrace.
Fandom: Bleach
Title: "Induction! The Fifth Division's New Captain?"
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Kubo does.
Summary: Fifty years have passed and the Fifth Division still carries the stigma of Aizen's betrayal. It's up to the latest in a string of new captains to pull the Fifth back together and prove their worth to the other Court Guard divisions. All he has to do now is prove his own worth to his new division first.
Notes: 1295 words. Contains OCs in moderation. Open beta status for now, so point it out if it needs to be fixed. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup for taking the first look and assuring me it didn't entirely suck.

EDIT: Ah... yeah. Apparently I missed about the first third of the chapter when doing copy/paste. Sorry! Fixed!

Chapter 2 )
Fandom: Bleach
Title: "Induction! The Fifth Division's New Captain?"
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Kubo does.
Summary: Fifty years have passed and the Fifth Division still carries the stigma of Aizen's betrayal. It's up to the latest in a string of new captains to pull the Fifth back together and prove their worth to the other Court Guard divisions. All he has to do now is prove his own worth to his new division first.
Notes: 1447 words. Contains OCs in moderation. Open beta status for now, so point it out if it needs to be fixed. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup for taking the first look and assuring me it didn't entirely suck.

Chapter 1 )
Fandom: Bleach
Title: "Touch"
Theme(s): 1. Cold hands ; cold feet
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Kubo does.
Summary: Hanatarou's not sick. Really.
Count: 541 words, fic 1 of 30.

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Title: "Literacy"
Fandom: YuYuHakusho
Notes: I have no idea.
Count: 217 words

Kuwabara read auras, but Yuusuke was learning to read Kuwabara.

To anyone else, it might have looked like Kuwabara was always trying to pick a fight or invading personal space. To Yuusuke, however, there was a world of subtlety between a swat to the back of the head or a casual arm slung over his shoulder. He'd gotten good at telling the difference between action and intent. A slug to the head from the side might mean "I'm worried" while a rough hug might mean "I'm pissed."

Yuusuke was persistent. A slight smile might mean anger and a sharp grin might mean relief. Emotion leant Kuwabara's body language an untold number of dialects, each distinct from the next. An eyebrow quirked in disbelief with a jagged scowl and tense shoulders. A lopsided smile and broad hands held palm up. Lips curled in distaste and a finger jabbing roughly forward. Yuusuke was learning how to read them all.

One day Kuwabara looked at him with a lopsided smile and soft eyes and hands jammed in his pockets. Yuusuke was trying translate that when that lopsided smile meet his own speculating frown and one of those strong hands cupped his cheek. It never occurred to Yuusuke that in trying to read Kuwabara, maybe Kuwabara was trying to read him.
Another one of these things! Post a prompt and get a three to five sentence drabble, write a drabble and leave a prompt!

Fandoms I can hit: Bleach, Danny Phantom, One Piece (limited, but I'll try my best!), DNAngel (limited), Outlaw Star, Animorphs, Yu-gi-oh! DM.

Okay, so FC has time and computer access in tandem for the first time in... a very long time. So I'm open for short fic requests! Everything at least 100 words, hoping to hit at least 500 with each.

Outlaw Star
Yu-gi-oh! (Duel Monsters only, as I've yet to see GX or 5D's)
Danny Phantom
Bleach (Up to the Bount Arc in the anime or volume 22 of the manga)
One Piece

Just gimme a fandom, a title, and pairing(s)/characters!
Let the drabblewar commence! D:{

....That's supposed to be a fierce face. Not... some person dismayed by their toupee.

EDIT: Okay, this thingy is open for whoever wants to join. These are very short drabbles, three sentences exact, but however long one can stretch a sentence out. Post a request and I'll write a short drabble back, but be prepared to meet my own request! Mwahaha. Or something. Feel free to respond to other requests, too.
Fic: "Mermaid Tails"
Notes: One Piece, slash Luffy/Usopp

There was water and he was moving through it and not drowning. Luffy was pretty sure that counted as swimming, even though he hadn't dreamed of swimming for a very long time. Everything was warm and strong hands were holding him close to a smooth chest and soft lips teased a smile near his ears and it was rather like getting rescued by a school of amorous fish. Through the water and against the current and hands and chest and lips all came together into a sniper that was smiling a curious, gentle smile and flicking smooth gray fins behind him.

Luffy was fairly certain he was dreaming. After all, everyone knew that mermaids had fish tails, not dolphin tails. He wondered for a moment if Usopp knew that. There was a troublesome moment when he needed to breath, but Usopp just smiled that same curious, gentle smile again and pressed his mouth to Luffy's and breathed for him. One kiss and another and another, each one just another breath of the first. It was easier to just float in the dream currents than to question where his clothes went. And easier to hold onto Usopp. Bubbles trailed along his ribs and fluffed his hair. Luffy twined around Usopp, arms and legs twisting and clinging with boneless ease around Usopp's torso and tail. Like seaweed, like a second skin, like he was just trying to be dissolved and breathed in and part of Usopp forever.

Too bad forever was only as long as sleep.

Luffy tried to scrub the sleep from his eyes.

Usopp waved a good morning (or good afternoon?) on the other side of the deck.

"Mmmehh... Usopp, how well do you swim?"
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( Jul. 8th, 2008 09:56 pm)
Random DP fic thing

"How did you know it wasn't real?" Danny asked.

"You smiled at me," Dash said.

That was the start of it, right? Some sad excuse, something small and vague and just big enough to cover the nagging bits that insisted there was no way this could be happening. Tutoring or something like that. Or was it Danny, babysitting over at Dash's house? A flustered confession in front of a locker and a hurried trip home, maybe? It didn't matter. Dash didn't need a reason, only an excuse.

It was enough that Danny was warm in his lap. Should have been hot, should have felt like melting and breaking and burning. That's what was smoldering through his veins, through tiny lines of heat following the tracks of Danny's hands clawing at his back. But Danny was warm and alive and in control even though he was the one writhing on Dash's lap. Danny was the one moving, Danny was the one pulling at Dash and urging him into another hard kiss.

It was all Dash could do to clamp his hands around Danny's waist and bury his face against the other boy's neck.

Not real, not real. He tried to keep telling himself that. Just a dream brought about by too many times picking on the shorter boy, too many times pressing him against the lockers with his own body, or waiting until Danny was walking around in the locker room with only a towel clinging to his hips. The real Danny wouldn't act like this.

Dash managed to convince himself for just a bit longer that it didn't matter. Didn't need a reason, after all, right? Just an excuse. Just Danny to pull at Dash and push him to the bed until Dash rolled back and pinned Danny beneath him. Ignore the heat, ignore the flush creeping up his back until Dash felt like he might evaporate from it. Danny was still warm, still... cool. Ice. Hands like ice trailed down Dash's chest and suddenly he was the one pinned down with Danny straddling his hips.

"This is what you want, right?"


A twitch of Danny's lips like a slice of a smile. "This..." He bent down and brushed an icy kiss across Dash's mouth. "No lockers, no cliques." Sharper smile, brittle and sad. "No questions?"

"No, that's not..."

"Doesn't matter."

Easier to fall back into the dreamlike state, anyway. Pull Danny to him and try to burn that ice away, melt into the other boy. Thaw him out and stop his own aching burn. But id didn't always work like that, now did it? Not Danny. Not his Danny. Not that Danny was ever his.

Cold leeched back to warmth and Danny faded into Phantom.

Dash was left to gasp up, staring into the lofty ceiling of the high school gym. Other students were on the floor around him and Phantom was staring down at him.

"Ghost attack. It was the only way I could think to wake you."

"Right..." Dash stared up at Phantom. Phantom, not Danny. Either way, he still couldn't smile.
Title: Charm
Pairing: Usopp/Luffy
Summary: Usopp remembers how to swim.
Rating: PG
Warning: May smell like fish.

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FC needs to get off her ass and do some writing. Again. So trying another drabblefest thinger. This time with a twist. In order to prep myself for long work times, I'm self-imposing a minimum word count of 500 words per drabble requested and worked on. Which naturally means some might take much, much longer than others. Or not. Not certain. Hookay. Anyway, trying again.

Name your fandom and a prompt if you want or a line of dialog. You guys know what I can write for, although there's no harm in asking about something else. Prompts for something original welcome, too. So. Let's see how many of these I can actually bang out at that 500 word minimum, 'kay? XD;;

As usual, if I owe you something, I still owe you and this is just a freebie. [sighs]
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( Feb. 14th, 2008 11:49 pm)
Trying to break my head free to write stuff, so V-day drabbles for my flist. You know the drill. Name your pairing and your poison and I'll write you a fluffy drabble for it.

Emmy, Uso, I already owe you guys, so just consider anything here a freebie, kayo?
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( Dec. 5th, 2007 10:40 pm)
Right. I need to start writing some shit. Just. I dunno. To write and say, "Hey! I've done something!"

So. Another drabblefest thinger. One to two paragraphs each, maybe three para if it's a nifty theme. I'll do the following fandoms: Danny Phantom, Yu-gi-oh!, Outlaw Star, Gargoyles. Anything else, ask first and I might be able to do.



EDIT: Okay. Yeah. Still open. If goravens or striking-fear posts with a story, those are just my rp journals I'm too lazy to log out of.
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( Sep. 15th, 2007 12:10 pm)
One Piece kinda sort almost porn if you squint. Not really.

Title: Token Silence
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: Luffy/Usopp
Rating: R, just in case.

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( Aug. 18th, 2007 11:28 am)
And as usual, it would appear I am late with my shit. [sighs] Sorry, Emmy. But, but! Here be the last two Ecto drabbles and your bday fic! >_<;; I swear, I thought your birthday was this coming Monday. [headdesk]

title: "Howdy, Neighbor!"
prompt: Fenton Portal/Plasmius portal, ally
Read more... )

title: Lifetime Tuition
prompt: Danny/Tucker/Sam, Triforce
Read more... )

And for Bday ficness!

title: "Aftertime Diversions"
prompt: Vlad/Jack, maybe Maddie

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( Aug. 16th, 2007 01:14 pm)
Kimu, here's your second request for the "FC has no internets and needs entertainment" request list.

Fandom: AS RP
Pairing: Lancer/Vlad/Kwan
Theme: Spells
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