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And as usual, it would appear I am late with my shit. [sighs] Sorry, Emmy. But, but! Here be the last two Ecto drabbles and your bday fic! >_<;; I swear, I thought your birthday was this coming Monday. [headdesk]

title: "Howdy, Neighbor!"
prompt: Fenton Portal/Plasmius portal, ally
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title: Lifetime Tuition
prompt: Danny/Tucker/Sam, Triforce
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And for Bday ficness!

title: "Aftertime Diversions"
prompt: Vlad/Jack, maybe Maddie

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18 Tucker/Danny/Sam
Prompt: Triforce
Title: "Watching You"

Part 1: Technical Surveillance

Tucker's not an idiot. He can see the way Danny and Sam sigh and giggle and look at one another when they think no one's looking at them. Sure, Danny rushes in to rescue *him* just as fast as he rushes in to rescue Sam. And yeah, it's not like they're forgetting Tucker or anything. They still drag him along and groan at his jokes and grin at his excitement.

They aren't leaving Tucker behind. He just gets the impression they're going somewhere he can't follow, entirely unaware that he's struggling to keep up, that there's something between them that they can't share because they themselves aren't yet aware of it's entirety. That's the hard part. Danny and Sam don't know what's growing between them. But Tucker can see it plain as day. There's friend love and romantic love. That's where Danny and Sam are going. And Tucker isn't sure if he can keep up.

Tucker still hangs out with Danny. And it's still cool and all, really. They play video games or ponder over how to snag the cute girl from the lunch line. Tucker spends time with Sam, too. Watching tv or practicing ghost hunting moves where Danny can't watch them and worry. Special moments with both.

But the math's become a bit skewed. 1+1+1. Not any more. 2+1 still equals three. But that doesn't make it any easier to be the 1.
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( Apr. 24th, 2007 01:37 am)
24 EmmySue
Prompt: Doom.

Emmy Sue stomped into the livingroom and plopped down down into an overstuffed chair with a cat's careless grace. She flicked at a spatter of blood that clung the edge of her skirt. She'd tried so hard to be neat and clean and not make a stain that Momma would have to clean out of her school skirt. "Stupid fuckhead fucker fucking trying to shove his fucking hand up my skirt."

That earned a look of interest from her companion. "What was that?" Dan asked.

"Oh, cork it, Man-Bitch," she said with rough affection. "I already hocked his family jewels. He'll be singing castrati for the rest of his life."

Dan patted her on the head. "Awww... poor little munchkin get caught by the morality police?"

She continued to glare into empty space, arms crossed against her chest. "Next time I see the bastard I'm gonna rip out his spleen, douse it in gasoline, and shove it so far up his shit hole that he'll give birth to a flaming ass-baby next time he uses the crapper." Despite a healthy dose of violence, she maintained a petulant pout.

Dan blinked and broke out into a wide grin. "Oh, sometimes I just love you to bits and bits!" he crooned, capturing her in a hug.

Emmy Sue had to smile at that.
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16 Tucker
Prompt: Loyalty

There was never any doubt as to who was going to be the best man at their wedding. Sam and Danny had announced their wedding plans and Tucker was right there with Danny's family to celebrate with them. He flirted with the maid of honor and kept the rest of the guests distracted when Phantom made an unexpected appearance and Sam ran off to find her groom during the ghost attack. He smiled for them even though the cute maid of honor never called him back the next day.

There was never any doubt as to who was going to be the godfather of their children. Sam endured thirteen hours of labor, Danny endured the panic of being a father, and Tucker endured Sam's thirteen hour deathgrip on his hand. Tucker babysat the twins after long college days and longer part-time job nights while their mother and father were busy saving the world. Again. He was the one to see Lily take her first faltering flight while little Adam cheered her on.

There was never any doubt that Tucker loved Sam and Danny.

Not if he loved them enough to let them go.
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15 Dan/Danny
Prompt: Self

He wasn't a narcissist, Dan kept insisting. He touched more often than was necessary and his hands lingered where they shouldn't. His words were soft and whispered and possessive towards his younger counterpart, crimson eyes unexpectedly gentle. It wasn't about running a checklist in his head of "that's the same and that's different, here's where we fit together." He had memorized that list quite a while ago.

Oh, no.

It wasn't about lust or sex or possessive self-love at all.

That's what Dan kept insisting.

And kept touching. Faint caress, fainter words.

Danny never knew. Toss in his sleep, burrow his face into the pillow. He wasn't aware of the night time worship laid upon his skin. Such was Dan's intention. It wouldn't do for Danny to know, after all. Dan didn't know why Clockwork permitted him that escape, when with a single flick of his hand, the younger ghost could be set aflame. Wasn't about that anymore.

It was about love.
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( Apr. 3rd, 2007 01:35 pm)
19 Tucker/Technus
Prompt: Fan

"Your cooling unit appears to be malfunctioning."

Tucker lifted his head from his sweat soaked pillow to glare at Technus. "Danny's off fighting somebody else, dude. Thermos is in the corner if you wanna get in and save yourself some time."

"What is the meaning of this insolence!" the ghost raged. The boy's computer and alarm clock started making alarming noises as Technus swelled in indignant rage. "I, Technus, Master of the Mainframe, Dictator of the Digital, Lord of the-- Of the--" The ghost blinked and looked down at Tucker. "Say, do you have any suggestion?"

"'Lord of the Logarithm'?" Tucker muttered.

"Yes! I, Technus, Lord of the Logarithm, demand to know why you do not show proper fear!"

Tucker flopped over on to his stomach, exposing his sweating back to cool in the meager breeze stirred by his fan. "I, Tucker, am too hot to care."

Technus gave the boy a closer examination. The external cooling unit to the domicile was indeed malfunctioning and the only alternative was the primitive fan stirring only hot puffs of air. Liquid was seeping from the tiny meaty pores on the human's skin. He did, in fact, look to be overheating. "What time did you say the Ghost Boy was due back?"

"I dunno," Tucker said and waved his hand.



Technus looked around some more, settling down in the computer chair. "I could fix that, you know. The cooling unit."

That piqued Tucker's interest. "Really?" It even prompted him to go so far as to crack an eyelid open.

"I, Technus, Ceaser of the Cooling Unit, shall do so!" And he did.

Tucker sighed in bliss when cool air finally wafted over him. He sat up and regarded his guest with a bit of a warmer look. "Saaaay... want something else to do while you wait for Danny?"

Two hours later, when Danny Phantom finally returned from battling other ghosts, he stared blankly at a cheerful Technus working on the Foley family dishwasher. "Uh, Tucker..."

"Dude, quiet!" Tucker hissed. "I almost got him convinced to change the oil in my Dad's car, next!"
12 Dan/Vlad
Prompt: Bitter
Title: Impending Lawsuit

"I simply cannot believe this."

Dan snorted as he leaned over Vlad's shoulder to peer closer at the computer screen. "What are you talking about, Mama? You've got fics all over the net."

Vlad turned around to glare at his ghostly companion. "Yes, and over half of them insist upon me being some sort of narcissistic pedophile."

"Aren't you?" Dan had to move rather quickly to avoid the ectoblast aimed at his face. Not that that stopped him from doubling over in laughter. "You! Ahahah! I just meant being president of your own fan club!" A leering grin split across his face. "But if you're that defensive about the other half... Have you been checking out little Danny boy?"

A thermos hummed sweetly in Vlad's hands. "As much as I detest Jack Fenton, I'm not above borrowing a good trick."

"And I notice you're not denying the Danny boy part," Dan snickered, but raised his hands in mock surrender and moved to float silently behind Vlad at the computer once again.

"As if you fare any better," Vlad muttered. "Over half of these stories have you destroying the world or in the middle of one perversion or another."

"I know!" Dan crowed, clasping his hands to his chest. "Isn't it great!" He smirked down at Vlad. "You're just jealous I have a better press agent."

A grumble and another faint click were the only response. Then a low moan dropped from Vlad's mouth. "Oh dear lord..."

Dan had to contort sideways and squint for the picture to make any sense. He let loose a low whistle. "Wow. Didn't know you could that with dupes." Another squint. "Or pineapples."

"That's it. I'm calling my lawyer."
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13 Dan/Jack
Prompt: Deny
Title: Denial

There were times when Dan didn't want know if he wanted to kill the man or fuck him.

The worst part was not knowing which half it came from.

Vlad's memories of Jack were jagged and sharp, piercing deeply when Dan tried too hard to pull a specific memory. Images and sounds invaded rudely and left just as abruptly each time. Messages cast down as though stones. Panting and gasping for breath late at night. Hands fisted under boxers and thrusting with insistent need. Friendship of practical motivations. Useful. But then the girl. A spark lit to all of their hearts, but her decision made before she even knew there was a choice. Taken away. Stolen. Left bitter and alone.

Danny's memories were softer and brighter. It was those that left Dan more uncomfortable. They floated easily to the surface, bubbling through at the oddest moments. Safe. Protected. Such odd contrast to the other's memories. Strong arms to wrap around him, hold him tight at night, safe from bad dreams. Nuzzle against the broad chest, head resting under chin. Didn't know when that strange, alien desire surfaced. Only that it was strong and pushed him into his father's arms long past childhood.

Dan didn't know which impulse came from which half, or if it was one of those rare things both Danny and Vlad agreed on.

So he watched.

Watched Jack sleep, warring with distant impulses to main and destroy and touch and hold. Reached out sometimes. Tracing his brow with a single finger. All he dared to touch, lest the floodgates open. Sometimes Dan wondered if he'd fuck Jack before or after turning him into a corpse. But he never quite made it that far. Just a single, hesitant touch.

But there was one thing both Vlad and Danny's memories could agree upon.

Jack was lovely as he slept.
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17 Tucker/Dan
Prompt: Mine
Title: Simulcrum

Vlad's evil half had overwhelmed him. That was what Danny had told them after it was all over. Hushed whispers and hoarse confessions. The pain overwhelming, his ghost half ripped out. An angry avenging spirit to rip Vlad in half and destroy what was left over of both of them. Danny had told Sam and Tucker that the dark spirit, that horrible future, was locked away under Clockwork's care.

It wasn't Danny's fault. Not his fault Dan broke out and stalked the uncertain path of their future. It wasn't Danny's fault.

At least, that's what Tucker kept telling himself.

"I could change into him, if you want." Voice dark and rough and purred against his spine. "But honestly, I doubt that would help much at this point."

Tucker had seen those flames before. Seen them extinguished and reborn. Seen them engulf Dan and an entire city block upon his second return to Amity Park. Now they danced along Dan's arms and sparked onto Tucker's clothing, devouring the shirt and pants into ash. Flames flicked along his arms and legs, curling around his torso, but left only the faintest kiss of heat behind.

"You can stop now, okay?" Tucker's voice trembled in forced laughter. As though the hungry look in the ghost's crimson eyes was a joke. Not Danny's fault, not Danny's fault, he kept saying to himself. He felt strong arms wrap around him from behind, felt a face burrow into his neck.

"Why, Tuck?" Danny's voice whispered into his ears even though the form behind him was too tall and too broad to be that of his friend. But then a shift and blur of form and caress and even that shaking part of the illusion fell into place. "Just like the other times."

Tucker tried. He really did. He squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lower lip and did everything he could not to react to teasing fingers that somehow burned hotter than any flame Dan could conjure. Danny touching him, his senses insisted, Danny sighing in his ears. Tucker screamed at himself to find the differences. But each touch, each errant tweak at his nipples, each teasing sweep above his growing erection, was Danny's. After all, who else would it be? At least half the ghost was Danny.

"Not. Not my Danny," he managed to gasp.

"Does it matter?" the other replied. "I may not be yours," he whispered, "But you are mine."
8 Ghost Writer/Dan
Prompt: Ashes
Title: We All Fall Down

It was all that remained in the end. All that he allowed himself to keep. Just a letter, aged to dust, trapped in a vial about his neck. As though a little string attached to a hollow piece of glass could keep him near. But he didn't want to forget. Death was one thing, destruction yet another, but to fade away from memory itself...

That was an end that could never be undone.

So Dan kept the only part that remained.

Cold ashes to warm the embers of his memories.
10 Ghost Writer/Vlad
Prompt: Scarves
Title: Winter Garment Accessory

Vlad fingered the green and silver scarf. It was soft and heavy and draped quite nicely around his neck and shoulders. A fine gift indeed, even if the serpents embroidered along it's edges gave it a bit more of a sinister look that was necessary for a winter garment accessory.

"It's a lovely gift," Vlad assured the Ghost Writer.

He was rewarded with a flashing smile that nevertheless reeked of sly cleverness. The Ghost Writer twirled his own scarf around his neck, a scarlet and gold pattern that matched Vlad's, with lions dancing instead of serpents.

Vlad stroked the soft material again, glancing up at the Ghost Writer with a sly grin of his own. "Now. Would this have anything to do what the story you were showing me the other day? With those Rowling characters?" His lips quirked in a smirk. "That rather sultry little number with Snape and young Potter, I believe?"

"That depends," the Ghost Writer challenged, reaching out to tug Vlad's new scarf, "If there is a teacher that might educate this... student."

"Only if I get to examine your wand first."
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5 Jack/Ghosts
Prompt: Oddities
Title: Pride

It wasn't something Jack chose deliberately, it was just the one thing that stuck in his mind as a child when he flitted from one hobby to another. There was no doubt in his parents' minds that Jack was a bright boy. The constant gadgets and tinkering with the household appliances, however bewildering to those around him, always gained strange and mysterious new functions when Jack was done with them.

During one particularly intense session of repair, the family toaster had levitated around the room spitting out entire loaves worth of toasted bread slices.

No, there was no doubt Jack was a genius.

His family just wasn't quite sure what kind.

So they encouraged him as they could, between long hours on the farm and long hours in the factory. Father and Mother said nothing when an invention exploded or teleported into another dimension. They just smiled tiredly and patted Jack on the head, wishing him better luck next time. And then next time again when the time machine malfunctioned. At least, they assumed it was a time machine. But they were proud of their soon and his little oddities.

Even if they didn't really understand the whole ghost thing when it came about. At first, they just assumed their little Jackie had found another vague focus, something other than producing the perfect toast or finding a faster way to milk cows. The test heifer still had yet to fully recover from that last one. But Jack kept making his little oddities, his little machines that glowed and hummed and occasionally caught little glowing things that Jack insisted were ghosts.

Even if his parents didn't know what sort of genius they had on their hands, they knew they loved him.
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11 Dan
Prompt: Despair
Title: Despair

Like any child, the first sound he heard was that of his own scream.

There were no kind words or strong hands to chase away the echoes. So the echoes were left to fend for themselves. One to defend, one to cleanse, one to destroy, one to seek. For a time the seeker thought he was alone. And he acted on the behalf of the other echoes.

He defended himself from the horrors of the world.

He cleansed the human world of it's impurities.

He destroyed all that opposed him.

And for himself... He sought only silence.

That birth scream still echoed in his head, after all. So the seeker sought to take the silence of the world, so devoid of loving words, and stuff it inside himself instead of the echoes. No need to drown it out. Just turn himself inside out. Pour his rage and pain and helplessness upon the world until he was empty. Until the silence outside was filled and nothing was left inside.

But it wasn't the silence that moved him.

It was the sound of his own despair.
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I feel like I should apologize for this one... -_o;;

20 Tucker/Kwan
Prompt: Choice
Title: Decisions

"It's okay to admit it!" Tucker protested. "Some people are just born that way, so it's not your fault!"

Kwan looked up at the other boy with guilt clouded aqua eyes. "You keep saying that and I want to believe you, but..."

Tucker sat down by Kwan and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "It's okay," he said again, more gently. "It's okay, dude, really."

"It's different for you!" the jock blurted. He shrugged off Tucker's arm and tried to curl in upon himself. "You've always known!"

"So?" Tucker said, voice creeping up a pitch in indignation. "You've been living a lie, Kwan! Just admit it!" He got up and stood solidly in front of Kwan. He reached out and placed firm hands on Kwan's shoulders. "Yeah, you're gonna get crap for it. But at least you won't be lying to yourself and everyone else anymore. You don't have to do that!"

Kwan looked up at Tucker and took a deep breath. Held it and released it with a part of himself he'd been denying for so long. "Okay. I'm a geek."
14 Dan/Clockwork
Prompt: Dogs
Title: "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

"You knew this would happen," Dan grumbled.

Clockwork sighed. "Would it have made any difference if I had warned you?"

Dan glared at Clockwork hard enough that ectobeams should have shot out and fried the other ghost. "You could have tried."

The aqua ghost circled his lover. "Oh yes, I could have warned you not to anger the witch or chase her cats or try to set her cottage on fire after she zapped you." The master of time glared down at Dan. "I could have warned you and then you would have gone off and angered someone else, chased their birds and tried to set their castle on fire. If not one, then the other."

Dan at least had enough sense to mellow his glare with a sheepish look. "She didn't have to turn me into a dog."

"You make a very lovely Border Collie." The immediate response was a loud, ringing series of barks and howls that could only have been a rather interesting string of canine curses.

"I guess we're stuck with doggy style for a while," Dan said after he calmed down.
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6 Ghost Writer
Prompt: Stories
Title: "Rough Draft"

Danny leaned over the desk, blue eyes dark with want. "John," he whispered, licking his lips. "John, I have a confession. I want you. I need you. I have ever since I came here." He lowered his gaze, a slight smile teasing his lips. "That's why I came back here. Not just to make up for the book." Danny looked up to meet the Ghost Writer's intense stare. "I came back because I couldn't stop thinking about you. In fact,--"

No. No, that was all wrong. Too weak, too gratuitous.

Danny slammed his hands down on the desk, blue eyes alight. "John!" he snapped. "This has gone on long enough!" He pulled himself up on the desk, crawling along it's surface. He reached out to grab the Ghost Writer's scarf, yanking him close. Their breath mingled. Blue eyes dilated. "I want you," Danny said flatly and crushed his mouth to--

Still wrong! To aggressive, too... salacious!

Danny stood by the doorway for the longest time before approaching the desk. "John..." he said slowly. He looked back and forth from the Ghost Writer to the door as though trying to choose between the two. Danny rubbed the back of his neck. "Look, um, yeah. This is gonna sound weird. But about why I started working here." He looked up, a hint of a smile on his face. "It was just so I could be closer to--"

Better. But still... It was missing something, some fine detail to give it verisimilitude.

The Ghost Writer drummed his fingers on the surface of his desk and sighed. It was just a simple story! Certainly not something he'd type out on the Quantum Keyboard, dear zone no. Just to satisfy an idle curiosity. A practice, of sorts. But to get it right...

"Hey, John!" Danny poked his head in through the doorway and grinned. "I got the filing in the west wing done! Took about three hours and four duplicates, but I got it done on time!" He continued chattering happily as he walked through the small office and sat down on the corner of the Ghost Writer's desk.

John blinked, looking from scribbled papers to the boy and back.

"Are you okay?"

John jerked up from his musings to smile at Danny. "Of course! No problem here!" He shooed the boy off his desk and straightened the papers. "Well, since you've got you're work done, I suppose you're free to go for today."

"Actually..." Danny said slowly.


"I was wondering if you could tell me some more about that unpublished book by Shakespeare you happen to have a copy of," Danny said with a hopeful smile.

John nodded and guided Danny out of his office, the rough drafts abandoned on his desk. Stories were well and good, of course.

But nothing compared to the reality.
9 Ghost Writer/Clockwork
Prompt: History
title: "Dear John Letter"

"When you act, it's called interfering," John said. "When I interfere, it's called history." It was a circular logic, but one the Ghost Writer was well familiar with. He paced about his workroom, hands folded neatly behind him at the small of his back. "The Observers do everything in their power to contain you and bind you. And yet you manage to turn every noose they throw at you into a hoop to do a neat little trick through. I don't know how you do it."

John sat down behind his desk and poked at one of the many papers strewn about it's surface. The Quantum Keyboard was not something he used for idle plotting or rough drafts. That work was reserved for this room. Too many random little monsters already lurked about his mansion as a result of late night musings at the Quantum Keyboard.

"I'm not asking to know just what those little floating eyeballs are thinking. In fact, I'd really rather not." He took his glasses off and rubbed them clean with his scarf. "But every time I try to write them away, they just cluck disapprovingly at me and swarm off to wherever it is they go." John smiled sadly at a particular scrap of paper. "And they're all over you should you just blink rapidly. It's really not fair."

He got up and crumpled the paper in his fist. "Either way, I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Wherever or whenever the little bastards have you at now. Take care, my dear." John tossed the paper into a wastebasket and walked out of the room. It uncrinkled in his absence, only two words writ across it's surface: "Dear Clockwork..."
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Ghost Writer/Danny
Prompt: Books

This probably wasn't what his parents expected when they told him to get an after school job. The pay was nonexistent and the hours atrocious. Danny often came home with his eyes dulled and his shoulders bowed under weariness.


His grades improved drastically, oddly enough, since starting this new job. And despite dulling from bright blue to tired cerulean, Danny lit up whenever he spoke of his after school job. So Jack and Maddie exchanged worried glances over dinner at times, but let the matter go. It was good Danny was so excited about working at that library. Even if they had no idea where it was.

Danny thought it best not to let them know he was working for a ghost. John had gotten rather twitchy about letting irate Fentons near his books. And that it wasn't strictly a job. More like voluntary community service for destruction of property. Or that his boss was more of an almost lover. Yeah. Better to let them think it was just an after school job. Besides. He really was excited to be working there.

Of course, as the Ghost Writer, John had a multitude of books. And libraries, for that matter. His ghostly mansion seemed to collect new library wings as often as other people collected rare coins. One was bright and modern shiny, with fluorescent lights overhead and tall metal shelves, and spare parts for his quantum keyboard scattered everywhere. Another was older, a veritable maze of low wooden racks laden with books and large, overstuffed chairs. That library smelled of ancient paper. There was that new one, too, with wide walkways and tall shelves that displayed the covers of the books, looking rather like a bookstore than proper library.

Danny's favorite library, however, was John's personal library. Small and tidy, scraps of paper pinned to various cork boards like fluttering butterflies. A large, overstuffed chair sat in the corner. John's quantum keyboard took up most of the space, the brightest copies of his own books lining whatever flat space was left. Warm with oaken desk and shelves. Warmest by far, however, with John's smile.
Pairing: Fenton Thermos/Plasmius Maximus
Prompt: Battle
Title: "Embrace"

Phantom stared across the ruined remains of Plasmius' lab. He swayed dangerously on his feet, but grit his teeth and hung on. Enough years and enough training. "We're evenly matched, Plasmius, so why don't you do us both a favor and give up now?"

"And why should I do that?" Plasmius sneered. The streaming cape was tattered and fierce crimson eyes narrowed in wariness, even though the imperious tone remained untouched.

"Because all I need is one more blast for this," Phantom said, holding up a Fenton Thermos with a grim smile. "Then it's game over." The Thermos shivered gleefully as Phantom thumbed the button that would unleash its full power. So very close!

"I think not." Plasmius made a swooping dive towards Phantom, hands ablaze with angry ectoplasm.

Phantom threw up a frantic ectoplasmic shield. Something in Plasmius' fist! Twin prongs gleaming like snake fangs in his hand. The Plasmius Maximus! The Thermos hummed in Phantom's hands as he clutched the thermos tighter and aimed a blast to Plasmius' chest. But Plasmius staggered back, only to lunge forward, the Plasmius Maximus held stiffly before him. Thermos and Maximus leapt towards one another. Energy blazed in the room as two enemies struck with the force of a thunderclap.

A grating squeal echoed in the lab when a prong of the Plasmius Maximus got lodged in the Fenton Thermos.

"Let go of that!" Phantom demanded, yanking on the thermos.

Plasmius only growled and tried to wretch the entangled devices from Phantom's grip. "It's lodged in!" Plasmius growled.

And thus a clash of the titans was reduced to a schoolyard scuffle.

"It's too tight, it won't come out!"

"Then pull harder!"

"Um. Here. Just let me brace--" Phantom planted a foot on Plasmius thigh and tightened his grip on the thermos.

Plasmius snarled and shoved against Phantom's shoulder. "You're doing it wrong, yet again!"

"Don't snap at me like it's my fault!" Phantom protested. "Just let go of it!" But the Thermos trembled in his hands, the prong of the Maximus plunged firmly into its depths and locked into a mechanical embrace.

The devices continued to throb and vibrate in their hands, the prong getting further into the Thermos with every twitch and tug. "This is entirely your fault!"

"Oh, will you just shut up!" Phantom cried out in exasperation. "Every time something--" The entwined devices began to shudder. Phantom looked up from his thermos to Plasmius with wide eyes. An ominous whine escaped the Fenton Thermos. "Oh, that's so not good," he muttered. A similar noise, more of hum, rose from the Maximus. Plasmius' turn to go wide-eyed with apprehension.

"Whatever happens, I hold you personally responsible."

And then the world was lost to what was an almost orgasmic burst of green and pink light.

It was Phantom, now Fenton, who woke up first. He placed a palm to his head and groaned. He looked around. The Thermos and Maximus were little more than a wielded pile of parts and circuits, and Vlad was blinking up at the ceiling. A warm, pleasant hum vibrated through his body. Danny shivered slightly. More than a little pleasant.

"Well," Vlad said to the ceiling. "That was rather unexpected."
Pairing: Jack/Maddie
Prompt: Eternal
Title: "Century"

After Maddie died, it took Jack almost 100 years before he could talk to his son. It wasn't the sort of future he and Maddie would have dreamed for him. College, certainly, marrying that spooky ooky batgirl, perhaps. A family, a career, grandchildren. Not Co-Regent of the Ghost Zone.

"Well, sweety, I suppose they could adopt..."

They had found out eventually, of course. Everyone did. Danny and Vlad's alternate forms reveals on national tv. Ghost attack after ghost attack lead by a terrible creature from the future. Ripping that monster apart had finally brought Danny and Vlad together. There had never been any question of loving Danny. Convincing themselves of Vlad, however, had taken a while. It helped that he managed to get the Fenton family out of Amity Park alive after Danny's identity was revealed. But neither Maddie nor Jack could ever bring themselves to fully trust Vlad again.

"He saved Danny, Jack, I know he did. But I can't let that be the only reason!"

They'd never talked about it or discussed what might happen. No one knew, after all, just what exactly caused some humans to become ghosts after death. Maddie thought it might have had something to do with genetics. Jack leaned more towards conscious will. All of them, even Vlad, never directly addressed the issue. Far too much to do. Delegations between the human and ghost zones. An entire realm to overthrow and rule. A union between the two new Co-Regents that not even the Co-Regents themselves had seen coming.

"Definitely adopting!"

So much, so fast. No wonder the concept of time had begun to blur for even the still very human Jack and Maddie Fenton. And it wasn't like they could have predicted a drunk driver. They couldn't even take comfort in the fact that there was nothing really they could have done to save her. Phantom had almost broken himself and the sound barrier racing after the one heart specialist that might have been able to save her. Plasmius had broken more than one already dangerous alliance for the mere hope of finding a healer within the Ghost Zone. Jack and Jazz were left behind to watch.

"Hurry! She's fading!"

It was Vlad who held Danny when his mother died. Jazz clung weeping to the helpless specialist. Jack was left to hold Maddie's cold had.

"I love you, Jack."

He lasted longer than anyone though he would when she didn't come back. Jack went to the Ghost Zone alone.

"Dad, it's time to go."

Countless times, birthdays and deathdays, anniversaries and holidays, he laid out flowers and his heart on her grave.

"Think of your son and daughter. The still need you."

Always a voice urging him to move on.

"It's time to come home."

Always a kind voice.

"I love you, too, Maddie. See you again someday."

And finally his own voice, for the first time in 100 years.


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