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( Jun. 14th, 2006 10:35 pm)
This is not supposed to entirely make sense. It was written at about 3:30 am, not long after waking up and then I went back to bed. It's unedited. This was a dream I had, a very vivid one. Another one where I was in it as a participent, but not necessarily as myself.

Cut 'cause of rambling.

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( Apr. 15th, 2006 11:11 am)
I dreamed last night that I was a teenaged boy who recently lost his parents. Death, for some reason or another, took an interest in me. Distant interest, like a bored child watching an ant wander back to the colony after smudging the trail and separating it from the rest of its kind. Perhaps not that distant or with that underlying cruelty, but a curious detachment nonetheless.

I knew death followed me, watching. No one else knew, except perhaps for my little cousin, a bright, perceptive little girl with blond pigtails and my great-aunt, near enough to death that it should have been interested in her. I can remember myself, for some reason, lanky, almost emaciated, long dirty-blond hair. But something happened, I started talking to death. Wandering alone, except for my cousin and Death.

I saw other people living, Death saw them living. It fades, but I (as myself, not as the boy) can remember something happening, some mundane miracle that told me (as the boy) that it was okay to live. Death let go of it's strange obsession, that distantly curious love, for that was the reason Death followed the boy (no longer quite myself, but a memory observed). The last thing I can remember clearly is the boy smiling, some emotional alchemy tracing his face with beauty.

He grinned and started a snowball fight with his little pig-tailed cousin.
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( Mar. 11th, 2006 02:07 pm)
Oddbunny little dream thing I had last night. What's below was typed about right after I woke up, as soon as I could hit the keyboard. After the bathroom, of course. ^_^;; Not sure what to think of it, so any interpretations would be appreciated.

What's odd about this dream is that in the second half, I have definition. Most of the time, I'm not certain if I'm male, female, or even human in my dreams. I'm there, but very rarely do I dream as something defined. I can only remember one or two dreams when I dream as myself. Huh. Wander what that means.


Running away from someone, either uphill or down. Probably downhill, as first vehicle seen going towards (away?) town comes from above (below?). Something very wrong in town, people fleeing or dying. Mostly dying. Must continue, however, as guy's friend/family/whatever is down in town. Open back of police van and chat for a bit. Forget exactly what about.

Dog approaches. Friendly? No, small child comes running, fleeing, ill. Grab the child and kick off dog. Police van is broken, must what a while to fix. Guy helps guy cop and lady cop fix, while self watches kid. Guy cop explains something bad wrong happening in town, no use to go down, most dead, have to get out and warn. Look at red soil, landslides besides. More dogs, but look friendly, hungry. Offer sandwich, but child smacks away and huddles in back of van. More and more dogs, more jackel than dog, more rabid than hungry.

Out of van, screaming, screaming, barking back at dogs. Clay crumbling beneath feet, hard to move, everything tilted downhill but walking sideways at a tilt anyway. More dogs? Bitten? Cats. Cats swarm and hiss at dogs, at demon dogs. Van coughs and sputters, maybe fixed? Maybe saved? Dog clamps down on self's heel. Child screams and screams, guy in van hitting off dogs, calling to self. Cats running and running, tripping dogs, trying to help! Guy cop and lady cop struggling to start van, clay, clay!

See the emblem of the beasts.

Fade to black.

School. Self more defined now, young black girl. Lost family in a freak landslide. (Same with demon dogs and unlikely savior cats.) Low on school totem pole, but with friend. Guy bears emblem of the beast as an unwitting gift. Perhaps. Isolated from other students, school rival revealed to be petty but sincere.



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