Title: Cold Comfort
Fandom: Chrono Trigger, Magus/Frog
Rating: Uh... Sorta slides into lime?
Notes: Written for Emmy. XD

Magus is burning alive.

Fever kisses his brow and caressed his shivering limbs. His muscles quiver under thick heat and his skin is slick with sweat. Every breath scours his lungs dry. His entire world is reduced to this, to the fire in his blood and the darkness that devours his vision. Fire in his veins, dull and persistent, clinging to him in a lover's embrace.

But... cool inhuman hands. Moist against his parched flesh. Something cold and wet slithering along the edges of his wound, pouring blissful numbness into the source of his infection. A different sort of shiver, stark and almost painful in its sudden relief. He arches into it, back curving, hands grasping at empty air.

The fever threatens to consume him, but this... This threatens to drown him.

Shadows in his sight, basic forms that coalesce into Frog's rough form crouched over him. Magus closed his eyes again. Cool hands on his face now, stroking away the last of the fever. Frog's tongue, thick and cold and wet, wrapped loosely around his throat. Shivering, shaking. Both of them. Magus reaches and his hands slip and fumble at armor not his own.

He can't push Frog away.


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