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( Apr. 18th, 2010 10:27 am)
Photobucket Photobucket

From the newest Bleach ending credits animation.

Fuck and yes.

And yes, the cap quality is really that craptastic.
Title: "Save Her"
Rating: PG
Summary: Hanatarou has to fight a Hollow, but who is he trying to save?
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] megan_moonlight.

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( Dec. 10th, 2009 08:25 am)
Just thought I'd ask here before going anywhere else!

I've got a fic in progress that could really use another touch and I could use someone to help me untangle the freaking plot and timeline. The fic in question is here: chapter one and chapter two. I've got a total of two additional chapters that I've looked over myself that I'm still concerned about.

I'm looking for someone with solid knowledge of Bleach, the ability to help wrangle incoherent notes into something coherent, and ample patience to listen to me blathering. Willingness to kick me in the ass if I don't pull this off is a plus, but not required. I've got enough scattered ideas this could go on for quite a number of chapters, but I'd be happy to finish one 'mini arc.' My biggest concern at the moment is getting the timeline straightened out. Plotting is no problem, it's just figuring out a logical order for the plot to occur in.

I need to limber up a bit for NaNoWriMo this year. So! Taking fic requests for Ganju and Hanatarou since I'd like to try something with them this year, but no telling how that'll turn out. :/

Give me a basic scenario, first sentence, nitty gritty specifics, side characters you'd like to see them interact with, alternate timeline or alternate universe, title, or just general content you'd like to see in it. Anything from, "Something about flowers!" to a paragraph long description of everything that happens point to point.

I'll try to make these at least 500 words long and aim for 1000 if I can.

I'm looking for new ideas that break from the old cliche fics we've all read, although variations on old favorites are nice, too. :3

Also, I so do not have a problem writing porn, lemons, adultfics, what have you. ;3

Current List:

1) [profile] gottis_chan - High school AU - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
2) [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup - Ganju/Hana over the different arcs - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
3) [personal profile] megan_moonlight - Hanatarou winning a fight - falsechaos.livejournal.com/83454.html
4) [personal profile] figaro_figaro - Waiting in the sewers - in progress
5) [livejournal.com profile] kimurasato  - Ganju meets Hanatarou in Hueco Mundo - in progress
6) [livejournal.com profile] phrotus - Ganju in the relief station, Hanatarou in a nurse outfit - in progress
7) [profile] lupis_ashes - Hanatarou protects Ganju <strike>from peanut butter</strike> - in progress
8) [profile] ferret_pile - Kukaku flirts with Hanatarou, Ganju gets jealous - in progress

x posted all over the freaking place: [livejournal.com profile] bleach_yaoi , [livejournal.com profile] ganjyu_x_hana ,[Unknown site tag] , [livejournal.com profile] ganju_fans
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( Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:20 am)
Dear artists/photoshop wizards on my flist:

FC needs icons of Hanatarou Yamada as a girl.

It's for an rp... thing.

Can offer fics, books, or $ in return.

Will be more coherent after sleep.

EDIT: ...Remind me if I already owe you something.
Translation of the spoiler for the latest Bleach chapter, taken from here.

Chapter Begins as Yammi has captured Rukia . Chad and Renji are already down on their knees .

Yammi and Rukia have an exchange and he's about to pound her into the ground .

When Ichigo saves her and says he's going to hurry up and finish this trivial battle .

Rukia: Why are his eyes...not of someone who won in the battle above?

Rukia says something like: "That guy's rank...isn't the same as the rank of the guy you defeated."

The 3 go off and watch the fight from a distance. It doesn't appear they will be involved .

Ichigo says he's going to quickly defeat him . Then go to the real world and dons his mask .

Looks like Ichigo's mask has a horn. And Chapter Ends



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( Oct. 13th, 2009 06:32 pm)
Righto. That time of year again. November in a couple of weeks and time to start nanowrimo again. Hell, who knows, might even finish. I just can't decide on what to start. I've got some old necro story ideas I can drag up and shine up in time to have something to work with, or go with that current urge to write something fannish for Bleach that doesn't send me into spasms of rage.

(Seriously, Kubo, what the hell is up with the last few chapters? Tiny chunks of diamond hard awesome tossed around in a giant pile of poo. Even up a little bit and maybe shine down that fanboy boner you've got for Ichigo.)

So here's a few random ideas that I'm blathering out, most of 'em Hanatarou and Ganju centered, each blurb told in 100 words exact.

Title: Placebo
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Tatsuki, Keigo, Don Kanoji.
What: Ganju is sent to the human world. He meets Hanatarou, who has no memory of his life or mission. The two of them have to figure out where the other shinigami have gone and and the source of a Hollow related sickness that can cause the living to grow masks. Karakura Town becomes sealed in a mysterious shield that the living can cross but traps the dead within. They find help from unlikely sources with students Tatsuki and Keigo and the spiritualist Don Kanoji along the way, but still have to discover what solution is hiding in Hanatarou's lost memory.
Where: Bleach fandom, mild AU
Why: Already have an assload of notes for this one and there's this one scene that I have to write somewhere, reasoning be damned.

Title: The Flower of Shiba
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Kukaku, others
What: Hanatarou gets framed for the attempted poisoning of a high ranking noble officer and is kidnapped/rescued before a proper investigation can even start. Abandoned in the Rukon with no way back and no way of proving his identity, he turns to the only allies he can think of: the Shiba clan. One case of mistaken identity builds up on another and he finds an unexpected role as Lady Hanako, healer and bride to be of one Ganju Shiba. Neither is quite certain how that rumor got started, but it might be just the cover Hanatarou needs to prove his innocence.
Bleach fandom
Why: Exploration of gender roles and affect on identity, as well as... Okay, Hana in a bright and pretty kimono. Stfu.

Title: untitled
Who: Hanatarou, Ganju, Kukaku, others (yes, there is a pattern)
What: The battle split between the fake Karakuar Town and Heuco Mundo takes a turn for the worse. Forces are divided and the Seireitei is left defenseless against an unexpected attack. Unohana sends Hanatarou back with a message for Urahara and his allies. Soul Society itself is the true sacrifice Aizen will use to create the Oken, cost be damned. A weapon hidden away in the Seireitei could be the only thing that can buy enough time for Ichigo and the Captains to return. A small group must defend the Seireitei and countless souls that will be lost if they fail.
Where: Bleach fandom
Why: Because I've been whining the last few chapters of Bleach suck. If I'm gonna bitch that much, might as well try my own hand at it.

(And this is totally a fake cut to a previous journal entry from 2 years ago, whining about essentially the same thing, but with my own shit instead of someone else's.)
I actually understand now why some people bitch and moan about their precious favorite characters getting ruined in canon. Right here at about the 23:30 mark is the Shinigami Golden omake of the recently subbed Bleach ep 236. I've been waiting almost forty eps for Hanatarou to show up and wheee. We get about five seconds of him being competent or at least not tripping over his face and then he's freaking out over a cardboard/stuffed/statue of the Seaweed Ambassador. This is a trained medical officer who while a bit flakey, has (mostly) been shown as at least competent at what he does, which is healing and treating people. Not... freaking out over fucking cardboard/stuffed/statues/whatever.

Meh. I should be in bed.
I wrote this in reply to a post on a messageboard and I'm not sure of the replies I'll get there, but I think it's shiny, so I'll post it here. XD;; This was in response to a thread asking if Ganju were a shinigami and if his sword were a zanpakuto.

(Here's the original thread.)

And here's my long ass reply. )
Pfffffft. Hana, what the hell? Why won't you sit still in my head long enough for me to think of an appropriate zanpa spirit for you? I've got the little hyotan-kozo fella for the private rp, with the option for spiffy monk with straw hat and gourd hanging from his staff upgrade if Hana ever gets off his ass to master his shikai and zanpakuto properly.

But I have no idea what in the hell to use for the Checkmate rpg. Vine-based bird or turtle? Or something humanoid? No idea! Blargh. [headdesk]
Fandom: Bleach
Title: "Induction! The Fifth Division's New Captain?"
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Kubo does.
Summary: Fifty years have passed and the Fifth Division still carries the stigma of Aizen's betrayal. It's up to the latest in a string of new captains to pull the Fifth back together and prove their worth to the other Court Guard divisions. All he has to do now is prove his own worth to his new division first.
Notes: 1295 words. Contains OCs in moderation. Open beta status for now, so point it out if it needs to be fixed. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup for taking the first look and assuring me it didn't entirely suck.

EDIT: Ah... yeah. Apparently I missed about the first third of the chapter when doing copy/paste. Sorry! Fixed!

Chapter 2 )
Fandom: Bleach
Title: "Induction! The Fifth Division's New Captain?"
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Kubo does.
Summary: Fifty years have passed and the Fifth Division still carries the stigma of Aizen's betrayal. It's up to the latest in a string of new captains to pull the Fifth back together and prove their worth to the other Court Guard divisions. All he has to do now is prove his own worth to his new division first.
Notes: 1447 words. Contains OCs in moderation. Open beta status for now, so point it out if it needs to be fixed. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup for taking the first look and assuring me it didn't entirely suck.

Chapter 1 )
Fandom: Bleach
Title: "Touch"
Theme(s): 1. Cold hands ; cold feet
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, Kubo does.
Summary: Hanatarou's not sick. Really.
Count: 541 words, fic 1 of 30.

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Medium: Manga
Fandom: Bleach
Subject: Shiba Ganju & Yamada Hanatarou
Title: Spontaneous Combustion
Notes: A joint effort between [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup and [livejournal.com profile] falsechaos; [livejournal.com profile] paperteacup did the graphics and [livejournal.com profile] falsechaos did the ficlets/provided the upload link!

(Follow the fake cut!)

((and yes, i'm crossposting this wherever i can :p ))
Dear Bleach Animation Studios:

I've been loosely following the recent manga chapters and the recent anime episodes and realize that one is about to fall behind the other. In the past, this has resulted in anime-only filler arcs being shown instead of pulling the current manga story arc out of Kubo's ass. This has resulted in two major filler arcs so far, mostly referred to as the Bount arc and the New Captain arc, along with a few smaller two or three episode arcs that have also appeared. The anime is rapidly approaching the manga and soon it will be time for a new arc.

In light of this, I propose that rather than introducing a slew of new anime-only characters that will likely never appear again or even mentioned, that the upcoming arc(s) be constructed to reveal more of the existing backstory of certain characters, or to flesh out the current stories of certain characters. Mr Kubo Tite has developed this rather distressing habit of creating somewhat interesting secondary characters that either have ties to major characters or ties amongst themselves and never really following through with them. This is an opportunity to take care of that. In fact, here are two concepts for possible filler arcs that I believe would be quite entertaining:

The Secret Forces are on a mission to discover just who's capturing Hollows alive and for what purpose, fearing that Aizen may be up to experiments yet again. What they discover is instead along distant ocean shores where ships are carrying an incredibly dangerous cargo and an underground gambling ring is forcing innocents and criminals alike to battle Hollows in a desperate bid for survival. A seal is placed upon all combatants to lock away any spiritual powers or zanpakuto, forcing them to rely on brute strength and fierce cunning to stay alive while spectators place bets on who will perish and who will emerge victorious. A covert group is sent to infiltrate both the betting ring and the fighters to discover who is behind it all and what goal they could possibly have. Along the way, the shinigami will have to learn who they can trust in an increasingly lethal game and just how desperate some people become to survive in the Rukongai.

: NINJAS, PIRATES, small scale epic battles, Hollows that can actually be scary, shirtless men, more NINJAS, and Ganju showing the shinigami how to brawl RUKONGAI style.
DRAWBACKS: None. There are NINJAS and PIRATES, so stfu.

The second basic concept:

The Captains and Vice-Captains are scattered across Heuco Mundo and the false Karakura Town in a fierce battle against Aizen. With her strongest fighters absent, the greatest threat to the Seireitei now might come from those the shinigami were sworn to protect. Tensions in the Rukongai run hot and vicious in the wake of Aizen's betrayal and even defeated, Kariya's words continue to poison and twist the ears and sympathies of many Rukongai citizens. With the strongest of the shinigami absent, who will protect the people of the Soul Society from the Hollows and Aizen's machinations? And who will protect them from themselves? An army starts to amass on either side of the Seiretei's walls, split between those in the Rukongai who wish to overthrow the Court Guards, and those within the Seireitei who wish to extend the control of those same Guards far past Yamamoto's original intent. It's a race against time for a small band with loyalties to both sides to fight and keep the peace and protect Seireitei and Rukongai alike from the threat that is emerging from the sleeping Karakura Town that could consume them all.

: Secondary characters can shine, reveal more of what actually happens in the Rukongai and the social structure, logical followup to the mess that was the Bount arc, room for backstories, and more Ganju showing the shinigami how to brawl RUKONGAI style.
DRAWBACKS: Captains and Vice-Captains missing is sort of a big deal and Kubo might actually have something planned for that.

Both of these proposals should be good for at least ten episodes and could possibly be extended to twenty or more, depending on the number of battles that can be crammed in. I wish to note, however, that extending episodes with the method used in the Bount Arc, for example with long, monotonous dialog and episode long flashbacks, may only serve to alienate your audience and there's nothing wrong with keeping it short and simple if you can't flesh it out with plot and proper action.

In addition, there are numerous unresolved plot lines or minor plot 'threads' that could be expanded to fill entire one or two part episodes, such as Renji's flashback episode to his and Rukia's childhood in the Rukongai. It would be highly recommended to touch upon these with close feedback from Mr Kubo Tite, as this could afford him the oppurtunity to delve further into backstories that he may or may not have an oppurtunity to address in the manga in the near future. These are listed in no particular order:

  • Kenpachi and the first Yachiro and why that name was bestowed with such reverance upon the second.
  • The Shiba clan. Specifically, what lead to the fall of the family from full noble status, Byakuya Kuchiki's past interactions with Kaien Shiba, Kukaku's use of a powerful kido spell, the origin of Kukaku's connection to former shinigami Yoruichi and Urahara, the form of kido or 'spells' that Kukaku and Ganju both use, why Ukitake didn't tell Kukaku and Ganju the truth himself and instead let the live however many decades hating the shinigami and believing Kaien as murdered in cold blood, and a possible fourth Shiba (There's a pattern to the names and each roughly translates as: Kaien Shiba - "Swallow of the Ocean," Kukaku Shiba - "Crane of the Sky," and Ganju Shiba - "Eagle of the Rock." Both Kaien and Ganju's names match their elemental ability, Kaien having a water-based zanpakuto and Ganju using some form of earth-based kido/spell. A bird of fire is still missing and no, Kaien's wife doesn't fit the pattern. More name information can be found here).
  • Spirit ribbons. Just... spirit ribbons. Oh, and the Gateway to Hell while we're at it. Listed mostly because while Kubo still might toss it back in when the current arc wraps up, it's been 200+ chapters.
  • The first shinigami that gave their powers to a human. If they made a law against it, either it had to have happened or something close enough to make them think, "Okay, um, yeah, maybe we should make this illegal guys?"
In conclusion, with the anime rapidly closing in on the current manga chapters, now's a good time to start thinking about this sort of stuff, although at this point in time the upcoming filler is probably already in post-production stage. Best of wishes, however, and please try to avoid the mistake in the Bount arc mentioned above.

PS: Yes, I am a Ganju fangirl as well as of the whole messed up family.
Another one of these things! Post a prompt and get a three to five sentence drabble, write a drabble and leave a prompt!

Fandoms I can hit: Bleach, Danny Phantom, One Piece (limited, but I'll try my best!), DNAngel (limited), Outlaw Star, Animorphs, Yu-gi-oh! DM.

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( Apr. 19th, 2009 09:01 pm)
Hey! So, anyone on my flist interested in Bleach? Just curious, is all. XD;;
Okay, so FC has time and computer access in tandem for the first time in... a very long time. So I'm open for short fic requests! Everything at least 100 words, hoping to hit at least 500 with each.

Outlaw Star
Yu-gi-oh! (Duel Monsters only, as I've yet to see GX or 5D's)
Danny Phantom
Bleach (Up to the Bount Arc in the anime or volume 22 of the manga)
One Piece

Just gimme a fandom, a title, and pairing(s)/characters!


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