Hai gaiz!

Okay. You know that thing back in April where I posted that I wanted to write a book? Still do. Just having trouble ironing out little things like the freaking plot, specifics of the setting, character motivation, etc etc. I've got some solid concepts and highly specific scenes in mind, but that does not a story make.


I need questions.

Anything, no matter how highly specific or oddball vague, just random detail questions to jumpstart my stupid brain to at least organized note taking stage. :/

BASIC PREMISE: Heroic quest type fantasy. A young man from an ancient, isolated people must enter a strange, unfamiliar world where his kind are considered myth in order to discover why his master betrayed his people. Along the way he meets a mage turned innkeeper and a young healer turned warrior who aid him on his quest. In the end, however, he must decide who he can trust and what sacrifices aren't worth making, even if it means dooming the world.

That vague enough? D:
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