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Okay. You know that thing back in April where I posted that I wanted to write a book? Still do. Just having trouble ironing out little things like the freaking plot, specifics of the setting, character motivation, etc etc. I've got some solid concepts and highly specific scenes in mind, but that does not a story make.


I need questions.

Anything, no matter how highly specific or oddball vague, just random detail questions to jumpstart my stupid brain to at least organized note taking stage. :/

BASIC PREMISE: Heroic quest type fantasy. A young man from an ancient, isolated people must enter a strange, unfamiliar world where his kind are considered myth in order to discover why his master betrayed his people. Along the way he meets a mage turned innkeeper and a young healer turned warrior who aid him on his quest. In the end, however, he must decide who he can trust and what sacrifices aren't worth making, even if it means dooming the world.

That vague enough? D:

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A hard one: What is the government like, exactly?
Easy one: Are there any STARS in this world, like famous actors/playwrights, etc

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Varies from place to place, according to world plates (they have floating continents! :D ) and regions within. The 'ancient, isolated' people of the main character, Lorne's serif, has a small enough population mired in deep enough tradition that they can usually trust people to settle their own shit, but there is a council selected of elders and chosen teachers that can step in. For the most part, however, the council is usually considered a honor given to recognize elders and teachers rather than a vital community service. Sort of like modern knighthood in England, idk? There is a single ruler/emperor type position that's mostly a hold over from when the serif where a proper citystate kingdom type place before the great cataclysm. Anyone is eligible for it at any time and for any duration, but you enter into service into the entire goddamn race and bear responsibility for every soul in it and to be renewed until the end of your service. So far, since the inception of the serif race, there have been only five to assume this over the course of 1000 years.

There is one region that uses a Dali Lama type figure where they seek the reborn incarnation of the same soul every time the old leader dies. Reincarnation doesn't work in that neat, linear a fashion in this world, however, so the power is mostly in the hands of the committee that selects/finds the reborn leader instead of the actual leader in question. In the past twenty generations of selections, the committee has only been correct twice.

And there's a bona fide kingdom type place where the power is passed down along a hereditary line and people are called king and queen and princess and shit. Power is usually passed to the eldest child, but can be skipped down younger ones that show clear competence. The current king is the youngest of five children and won the position through logic and diplomacy, earning the fealty of his siblings instead of the traditional method of ritual battles that aren't supposed to result in death, but often do. His mother the queen was impressed.

Um. I have no idea. Rough concept of one character who is an incorrigible flirt and barely ethical hedonist and a mage who uses flashy bang bang type spells to earn a living as a traveling entertainer. This is seen as rather tacky among the mage community no matter how popular he is, somewhat akin to a renowned physicist counting cards during a bar room game of blackjack. Mr Hedonist is rather pleased with this reputation, as it allows him to surprise people with occasional (deliberate) displays of competence when they least expect it.

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Since my sex drive is during a sharp sidden upturn I must ask.


okay okay um. Other proper questions.

What is everyone's hair color? What is everyone's eye color? What is everyone's favorite food? Any allergies?

What is the seasons like? What are the plants like? What are the animals like?

What are the major religions? How does the magic system work?

Do cigendered, transgendered, hetrosexuasl, homosexuals, asexuals, omnisexuals, and various other types exist? Does varies -isms exist?

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ilu <3

Fun fact! This story actually exists to set up and justify a single plot thread in the (technically) sequel where the grown up hero sexes up his chosen partner. :/ Trufax. So yus, there will be porns. Eventually. Maybe. Intended from the start, at least! D:

Lorne - Hero, black hair, blue eyes, eats anything offered, hates horses.
Relu - Innkeeper/mage, green hair, green eyes, likes spicy foods, allergic to a small pretty flower that blooms fucking everywhere in the spring in her hometown.
Delka - Priestess turned warrior, red hair, brown eyes, likes meat and potatoes, no known allergies.

Seasons and animal/plant life function mostly like here on Earth. The seasons are 'artificially' kept in place through the combined efforts of three divine races that took over for nature after a god hatched from the planet and nearly ended all life. The efri [oriental dragon/traditional multi eye wing seraphim type critters] took over for sky, the hirsa [sloth/bear/centaur mashups] took over for earth, and the unnamed sea race [octopus mermaids and benevolent Lovecraft style Elder Gods] took over for... um. Sea. Between the three of them, they maintain the shattered remnants of the world so that the souls that remain within will not perish. This includes keeping water from spilling off floating islands, replacing the freaking sun, and the flow of air, etc etc.

Varied, but most center around some concept of ancestor worship/respect and reincarnation. So many different flavors depending on whether people thing the cycle of rebirth is a good, natural thing, or a self-imposed damnation that must be escaped. Differing concepts regarding the three divine races mentioned above; some outright venerate them, others curse them for holding the current cycle of rebirth in place, etc. Another generally common characteristic is the habit of not deifying humans. In this verse, a human of sufficient power can ascend to godhood, but there is a difference between stupid powerful and fucking god. Only one has assumed godhood and that person moved up to a whole new plane of existence, so far removed from humanity as to be unable to understand it anymore. That person also blew up the world. So respect/veneration = good, deification/living god = very bad.

(Rest tomorrow, as I am running short on time! D: Thank you for your questions, it's given me a good chunk to think about and clarified a few things for me! :D )

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oh whoops I didn't see your reply here

ha ha disregard the religion/fauna questions I asked then ha ha whoops

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Oooo~ Sounds like an interesting story~

What's the world like?
[probably won't be much help here] =( Though I'd love to help out.

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Why can't he trust the people in the new world; how are they different from the people from his own world?

What kind of creatures exist? Are they similar to creatures on Earth, or are there more fantastical beasts roaming around? How does this affect civilization (urbanization, travel, how isolated each community is from the next, both culturally and physically).

You say that there are floating continents. How do people travel from one continent to another? Do they bother at all? Is it difficult? Costly? Something only religious people would do (pilgrimages and what not)?

How are women treated in the world? How are poor people (are there poor people?), disabled people, children, pets, etc. treated? (This is the kind of thing that really reflects on the moral status of a civilization or culture.)

Are there terrorists/rebels/strong opponents to the government?

Are there many intellectuals?

Communication: What is or are the main forms of communication? Mail, word of mouth, magic systems or something else entirely?

Have you thought out the magic system? I've read that it doesn't matter how extravagant or nonsensical a magic system is, people will still suspend their disbelief and buy it as long as it remains internally consistent. (See the tv tropes page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagicAIsMagicA)

What obstacles will the hero face? Are there people actively sabotaging the hero or will he face more difficulty from the consequences of his mistakes and wrong decisions? What lessons will he learn? What is the overarching theme of the story, and what are the sub-themes?

I hope that helps!


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