Happy holidays, me hearties!

...Damn, I need to update this freaking thing more often.

Leave a request and I'll write something for you here! :3 I need to get back into that. :/ I'll try to have something meaty around the New Year's!

From: [identity profile] anisodus.livejournal.com

Maybe...Ganju and Hanatarou as childhood friends? Or modern!AU IDK SO MUCH TO PICK FROM ):

From: [identity profile] aqua-karen.livejournal.com

I was just thinking about you. Hope you're doing well and had a good holiday season!

From: [identity profile] falsechaos.livejournal.com

Hey! D: Haven't heard from ya in the longest time! Everything okay? How're you doing? [tackles]

From: [identity profile] aqua-karen.livejournal.com

I had been a little sick, but I'm doing much better, thanks! ^^ *hugs* I'm sorry for being gone so long. I, uh, I'm also sorry about never finishing that doujinshi translation. ._.;;;

From: [identity profile] falsechaos.livejournal.com

I'm just happy to know that you're doing well! ;_; I really should have sent an email or something much sooner. And nvm about translation, it's just good to hear from you again. :3

What've you been into lately? Any progress with Canada? New fandoms?

From: [identity profile] aqua-karen.livejournal.com

I have been depressingly lacking in getting into new things, outside of Stargate, which I'm still watching through on Netflix. XD;;; Although I've been actively trying to find new fandoms, so if you have reccs, I'll be happy for them!

Theresa and I are still working on Canada. -_-; It mostly just keeps getting put off because of my health. I'm going up again in April to look at apartments with her, though, and I can at least stay up for 6 months as a U.S. visitor even if it doesn't all get handled then. Thank you for asking! (That sounds weird somehow... XD;;;)

How are you? How's your mom and sister and Box Cat? I hope that you aren't still being run around so badly by the hospital.

From: [identity profile] falsechaos.livejournal.com

Dr Who, Dr Who, omfg, Dr Who. Season five with Matt Smith. My background with Dr Who is pretty much limited to the standard vanilla pop culture level one geek stuff, but even I was able to get into it. Really strong characters and clever storytelling, even if some of it does require a bit of suspension of disbelief or has some really dubious connotations when you think deeper about it. But just generally freaking awesome.

Sucks that you aren't having better luck, but an apartment is still progress! [crosses fingers!]

Mom remarried and sister is still an idiot who refuses to get a job and the nursing home is running us shorter than ever. Working three people on a four person shift on weekends is about normal now. So... yeah. Fuck that noise. Box Cat is still crazy.

From: [identity profile] aqua-karen.livejournal.com

Season five! You know, I've tried Dr. Who before, but at random episodes I caught on TV or even what's available on Netflix, I've just gone into it too blindly, I think. I shall try again with a direction! Huzzah! And I'm quite happy with shows even if they do have dubious connotations or such at times, if they have good characters. That's pretty much my number one love for fandoms.

I'm sorry your job is still sucking. :/ I guess they say nursing-type jobs are always in need, although maybe it's also they don't want to have to pay the extra salaries? Meh, they should treat their employees right.

My new AIM name is kittensnpiglets, mostly chosen to have a name that was more generic and not fandomy. I don't know if you come on AIM anymore, but feel free to say hi sometimes if you like!

From: [identity profile] falsechaos.livejournal.com

It runs a lot smoother if you keep in mind the guy doing the head writing said he wanted to go for a fairy tale sort of feel. For instance, in the season finale, there's an event that suddenly binds together several 'loose' plot threads from across the entire 13 episode season in an elegant, bittersweet twist of time travel that had me bawling. Buuuut there are a couple of wallbanger moments in there, too. But trust me, the charm of the characters wins over all.

I actually renewed my license just a bit ago, two years already! D: Damn. We should (hopefully!) have more hires soon. I hope. :<

I'm on AIM almost nightly! Er... irregularly, to be sure, as I can't sleep steady worth shit, but I'm on at least once a day! Just... ninja, for reasons that are completely stupid. Like the ping. I love Pidgin to bits for being steady, but... the ping sound annoys me. Ninja fixes that. I'll keep it open, though, and try to catch ya! :D

From: [identity profile] aqua-karen.livejournal.com

It's often good for sci-fi to focus more on that kind of feeling instead of "hard" science in shows, I think. I like Stargate's first two series for a lot of cute fantasy touches that still tie together well. And 13 episodes is easy enough to watch! :D (Also, I like shows that make you cry at the end. ... Because I'm a masochist, apparently.)

Wow, that's so fast... I hope they're reliable and not flaky!

I tend to be on at night, too. Cheap, free communication with auto-logging, what's not to love? XD; I don't go ninja, mostly I've just changed how much I give out my name.

From: [identity profile] falsechaos.livejournal.com

Can you rec any decent scifi/fantasy type shows, then? ^_^;; I've seen bits and pieces of Stargate when it was doing the last night weekend syndicate runs and keep thinking I really should go back and try to watch it in order. Is it up and running anywhere other than Hulu? I know Hulu is free and legal and all, but... commercials bug me. :/

Two years is a very, very long time that went by very, very quickly. orz And at this point, I'll be happy for a warm body; competence can be taught to a certain degree.

I'm... just too lazy to change my username. I've got a couple backups but... don't really use them that much. XD;; You rping anywhere? I keep wanting to pick a com rp back up and then thinking, "Meh, maybe later." [fails]

From: [identity profile] aqua-karen.livejournal.com

I like Stargate: SG-1 quite a bit. I didn't really like the movies, and the TV show took a few episodes to get its feet (especially Carter, who started out a really annoying female cliche and wound up a really, really cool character) but it was a pretty fun show. It also had a lot of Manly Meaningful Moments, and ultimately I developed an OT3, which I found funny because I usually don't care for live action character pairings. XD; Stargate: Atlantis, the second show, was a little more hit-miss, but had a neurotic doctor I found kind of fun. I'm still working through Universe, the series after that, and I honestly can't say I'd watch it if it weren't for the first two, but I'm hoping it'll pick up (those also took a while to get their bearings) or that at least the series after it will be good. SG:U has the weakness of being too dark and serious for my tastes, I think, whereas SG-1 and SG:A were more adventure stories. SG:U reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, which I'm also watching, mostly at this point out of a stubborn desire to finish it despite wanting to throw things at it for all Teh Angst. I'm watching all on Netflix's instant watch service, which is quite nice for my tastes. ^_^;

A warm body, or else... Zombie nurses! (Though, working late nights, I bet it feels that way...)

I started to RP a little at a small community, but dropped it fast. I haven't really RPed on LJ for over a year otherwise; playing with people I barely know isn't fun anymore. Still, RP itself is fun, and I miss it. I was actually looking back over some old ones and read ours, which made me go "I should say hi even if I haven't translated that thing. ._.;;; She probably has forgotten I ever lived or thinks I'm dead."

From: [identity profile] chewilicious.livejournal.com

Hello! I don't think you know me, but I was a big admirer of your fanfics back in 2003 on fanfiction.net, and I just happened to recognize you on LJ. I loved your writing very much-- still do, actually. I go back and re-read my favorites of yours once in awhile.

I just thought I'd let you know that you still have an old fan. <3


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