I discovered something new today. There's nothing like seeing someone else get praised for crap writing that really gets your creative juices seething flowing. >_> I'm looking at you FF.n

So hit me with your best prompts or requests, lovelies. Any kink or bizaare request you'll can think of, I'll at least attempt. Got a rare pairing or underserved chara?  Bring it on. A series I don't write but you think I should? Gimme resources and I'll try my best. Yaoi, yuri, het, or even *gasp*, non-pairing based prompts!!

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in my drivel.


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Basically how I have felt! Only y!gallery is a bane. YOU STILL OWE ME THAT THING I REQUESTED ON Y!GAL so that saves me the effort of thinking up something new, yay :D

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FANDOM: Bleach
CHARA: Ganju/Hanatarou
PROMPT: Ganju's first day as a shinigami, pre-relationship.

"I...have no idea. It frightened me, but I'm sure you would be fine!"

"You aren't doin' a good job of sellin' me on this, Hana." Ganju was dressed in black and white and the only splash of color on him was a defiant flower print wrapped around his head.

"My first day really wasn't that bad, honest! O-only one person threw up..."

"Stop helpin'!" Ganju yelped. He reached over and ruffled Hanatarou's hair. "I managed five years, I think I can get by one more day! Nobody's gonna do any throwin' up 'round me, got it?"

Hanatarou shuffled from foot to foot and kept plucking at his sleeve. "I know, but... You've just got patrol, right?"

"Same patrol as th' rest of my squad. Once 'round Seireitei border an' back. Big long walk, that's it."

"A-and you'll let me know when you get back?"

Ganju snorted and punched Hanatarou in the shoulder. "Hell, you sound like a quieter version of Sis! Quit fussin,' I'll be fine!" He grinned, though, enjoying every moment of it.

"I got you something," Hanatarou muttered. "Ah... I... um. I know th-that you like... Um." He twisted his hands together and ducked his head before he reached in his sleeve and pulled out a carefully wrapped package. "J-just-- Open it later!" he said and shoved it at Ganju and darted off.

He stared at the little package and then at Hanatarou's flapping robes, already as small and distant as a small bird. Ganju unwrapped it later. A thin ribbon of crimson that unfolded into a narrow sash that Ganju knew he wouldn't be able to refold as neatly. He wore it and endured the lecture about proper uniform from his commanding officer, thinking only of the faint smile Hanatarou worn before he ran away.

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Haha, adorable~ I like the comparing of Hanatarou's robes sounding like a bird's wings, for some reason!

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[squuuints] ....ever seen Kung Fu Panda or played any JRPGs?

FANDOM: kung Fu Panda
CHARA: Po/Tai Lung
PROMPT: Balance
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FANDOM: Kung Fu Panda
CHARA: Po/Tai Lung
PROMPT: Balance

"He's napping again."

"Are you sure, Tiger? I think I saw him enter the pose, 'Flight of the Awkward Hippopotamus.'"

"He rolled over in his sleep. Just... let him be for now."

Po thought of a place that was warm and covered with grass. The smell of noodles wasn't far away and he could hear the clank and clatter of his father's stand even if it were miles away in the city. It didn't matter. Space was just a matter of reaching out and time was just a matter of sitting still until it all came back again.

"You will not hold me here!" Tai Lung's defiance rang out across the valley and disrupted the careful flow of peace Po was trying to hold on to.

"Really, you just need to calm down for a while. It's nice here, isn't it?" Po offered the snow leopard a wide smile. "It's just for a while, give you some space to relax and think about things, it's no big deal."

"I waited for years for the single opportunity to claw my way out of that prison," Tai Lung growled. "What makes you think I won't slit your throat when I get that opportunity again?"

Po shifted where he sat and scratched the back of his head. "Because... you can't reach me. Nothing personal, I know you're trying hard! But--"

Claws sliced through the air and Tai Lung surged forward in a silver arc only to find himself across the meadow, far from where he had begun.

"That's what I'm telling you! You keep doing that and--"

Another lunge, fast and sloppy and desperate, claws leaving gouges in the earth.

"--you're just holding yourself back." Po sighed. "I know I'm still not that good at this 'master' stuff, but... You can't leave until you're ready, that's all."

"I wish to leave NOW!"

"Not the same thing. Wanting and being ready aren't the same thing." Po offered Tai Lung a bowl of noodles he hadn't been holding a moment before. "Don't worry, you'll get it. Just remember what I said about the secret ingredient and all that."

Tai Lung knocked the bowl from Po's hand. "What makes you think I'll--"

"Great! You're getting closer! Look, I gotta run, I think I'm late for training or dinner or something again. Doesn't matter, it's all the same time. You'll get it." Po walked away. "Master Shifu still waits for you, you know."

He didn't hear Tai Lung roar in defiance again, nothing but the ringing in his ears and Tiger standing back with her hand held in a fist and a satisfied look on her face. "Pleasant nap?"

"Yeah... I think we're making progress..."

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See, things like this is why you are one of my most favoritest writers. ♥

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*chuckle* It is called the Pit for a reason.

Oh hey, if you get the chance, you have to see Toy Story 3. It's excellent.

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/butts in

It is? I admit, I'm a bit wary of a third movie but I really want to hear others opinions since yeah it's friggin Toy Story and must see it.

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Yes, it really is! I saw it with three of my younger siblings this morning, and I'd call it as good as 1, maybe even a smidge better than 2. Kinda intense for the really little ones, though, like Finding Nemo (my dad calls Finding Nemo the "Independence Day" of kids' movies).

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No offense to people who like the second one, but hearing it's better than that is reason enough for me to watch. Especially if it'd get compared to Finding Nemo (love that one too much) Thanks!

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Nemo is a great film, but it is really intense. I mean, think about it. In the first five minutes, his mom and hundreds of his siblings get eaten by a barracuda. And it continues nonstop from there.

Randomly, Andy as an adult looks a lot like Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon.

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FANDOM: Bleach
CHARA: Ichigo x Rukia
PROMPT: Sunsets

Good luck! :3 ♥~

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FANDOM: Bleach
CHARA: Ichigo/Rukia
PROMPT: Sunsets

"I waited for you."

"I know."

The brilliant fire of his hair had dimmed to silver ashes. His bones creaked when he turned around and he took off his glasses to look at her. She was still small and defiant, dark hair and bright eyes, a diamond forged through fire and adversity.

To him, the only difference between this and their first meeting was the white haori settled about her shoulders.

To her, it was only the fact he would be coming with her this time.

"Do you think I'll see her there?"

"I don't know."

He got to his feet and heard the rattling of chains. Still there, still linking him and an empty husk. He picked up the chain and measured the weight of it in his hands.

"I could call one of them over, if you want." Her voice was soft and her hand gentle when she touched his brow. "They'll miss you."

"They're strong, they'll manage." The heavy chain ripped in his grasp with the sound of shredding silk. One last breath escaped the body behind him. It went cold, limp.

"You've always got to rush things, don't you?"

"Nah, I'm just ready this time."

Her fingertips brushed over the slack face of his old body. She closed his eyes. "Be careful."

He smiled when her sword tapped against his forehead. "Don't worry. I'll wait for you."

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asdfghjkl;! ♥

Makes me wish I read/watched more of the series. >: But I guess I always can, right? Anyway, this is fantastic! You're an excellent writer. :D Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It may have been my prompt, but it totally belongs to you. ;3

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Ew, FF.n. A waste land of bad writing.

Any limitations on fandom? [can't think of anything at the moment because her brain is still asleep]

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Okay. Well I can't think of any other fandom to go with so...

FANDOM: Bleach
CHARA: Ganju and Hanatarou
PROMPT: Your smile


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