Net shit is working again. Feel like crap and don't want to get out of bed, but can't sleep. Going through another one of those whiney weepy "Everything feels graa~aay" emo bullshit moods. Need to move and focus and do *something*, but damned if anything feels worth it. Even the stuff that should. Just want to sleep and sleep and see if the world will be different when I wake up. Or if I would.


How's this shit work? How do you ask someone, "Help, I'm tired and and sad, please help me?" without sounding like someone needs to hide the pills and razor blades?

I keep thinking of my dad and thinking more and more that I can't remember his voice.

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/huuuugs/ I'm sorry! :<

I'm not so good at the whole comforting thing, but when I feel like that, I usually try one of these things:

1. Juice with lots of Vitamin C. Lots of people like orange; I don't, so I use cranberry-grape juice.

2. A jolt of exercise and an cold shower. Usually helps wake me up, too.

3. Curling up with chocolate and/or popcorn and a funny movie and/or a favorite book.

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In a situation like this, the harder you try to think about it might be the reason you can't. Sometimes you need to just...relax and let it come to you.

I agree with vitamin C, or D! But if you need to talk to someone, it might be best to do it-- sometimes, nothing helps like that.

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I wish I could offer more than just a virtual hug. =(

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I'm really sorry that you feel this way. ): I can't offer much, but I'm always willing to lend an ear (or in this case, a set of eyes) to anything you'd like to talk about, be it serious or silly. I think it's the best I can do, but if there's anything else you believe I'm capable of, or would like me to attempt, please don't hesitate to let me know. *sends you a big, big hug*


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