Anybody else having trouble logging into aim?

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I had been a few weeks ago, but I use regular!AIM so maybe it's Trillian O:?

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I can't even log in using a different thing like Meebo, though. It's like it connects through with no problem, but doesn't actually connect.

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I actually just had two people email/PM me saying that their AIM won't let them sign in either? Wtf, AIM.

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Ah, yep, although I hardly use it! wafflesandtea is it xD

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I can't get it to work! I can't even freaking log into Aim Express!

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I don't get it, why's the server acting so stupid, today? Maybe it's being overloaded or something...

If it keeps up, feel free to add me on YIM. Signed in, although might have my settings to mutual 'friends' only idk ff

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I'm not, but then, I use Pidgin to log into AIM rather than AIM directly.


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