I bought a laser pointer today because it was cheap and my brain blipped on the cute kitten picture on the back. Seminars my ass. So I bring it home and within 30 seconds I've got my one dollar's worth of entertainment in playing with the cat. Flick, flick, flick! I'm sitting here giggling like an idiot and the cat is just quietly spazzing in hunter mode going, "Intruder, intruder, intruder! Where'd it go?"

Seriously, she's sniffing around for it.

On the blank wall.

My cat's name is Box Cat. Seriously. She was a tiny kitten thing about... three years ago. She was a guilt gift to my parents who took her in because her current owner was a drugged out douche who, for some reason, was a friend of the family. The kitten was being sequestered in a tiny box so the pet ferret could roam about. -_o;; Mom and Dad were moving at the time, however, and it would have been a very stressful time for the kitten. Mom asked me (...okay, I was cuddling the kitten and squeeing and making 'gimme' eyes at her) to watch the kitten until they were done moving. I called her Box Cat so I wouldn't get attached.

I think we know the punchline.


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